Are you curious about the latest buzz surrounding smartwatches? The tech world is abuzz with excitement as rumors swirl around the anticipated release of a new device from AnyTimeSoftcare. If you’ve been following Samsung’s developments, you might have heard about the potential unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Watch at an upcoming event. With its predecessors creating quite a stir in the market, expectations are high for this new addition to Samsung’s lineup.

In August 2018, enthusiasts were thrilled when Samsung officially announced the arrival of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch. As we eagerly await Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event in New York on Aug 9th, there is speculation that alongside the Note 9 launch, we might also witness the debut of this innovative smartwatch.

The previous Gear S3 and Gear Sport models left a lasting impression with their advanced features and functionalities. With competitors like Apple and Google stepping up their game in the wearables market, all eyes are now on what surprises Samsung has in store with its latest offering. Stay tuned as we explore more about what could possibly make this new smartwatch stand out from its predecessors and competitors alike.

A New Era: Embracing the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Traditionally, we anticipated the next Samsung wearable to carry on the legacy of the Gear series as the Samsung Gear S4. However, recent sources suggest a noteworthy shift towards naming it the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This alteration aligns with Samsung’s wider range of Galaxy-branded products, sparking curiosity about potential rebranding across their ecosystem.

An intriguing development occurred when a 42mm Bluetooth-enabled “Samsung Galaxy Watch” briefly appeared on Samsung’s official website before swiftly disappearing from view. This unexpected reveal, coupled with user sightings prompted by social media alerts, added fuel to speculations surrounding this new device.

Further reinforcing this transition is a leaked image showcasing a charger labeled for both Note 9 and Galaxy Watch compatibility. These subtle yet telling clues point towards an imminent debut under the banner of Galaxy Watch.

Past rumors hinted at this nomenclature switch for what was initially presumed to be a Wear OS-powered watch rather than one retaining its Tizen roots, prompting enthusiasts to ponder over potential implications.

Will it run Tizen, Google’s Wear OS software… or both?

Samsung has taken a unique approach with its smartwatches, utilizing its own proprietary software known as Tizen-based OS. This system operates independently from Google’s Wear OS ecosystem (previously Android Wear). Recent reports indicate that the upcoming Galaxy Watch is likely to be powered by the latest 4.0 version of Tizen.

Contrary to this, previous speculations from reputable Samsung insider Ice Universe suggested that Samsung’s new watch might actually be running on Google’s Wear OS.

The anticipated Gear S4, potentially named Galaxy Watch, is expected to feature a 470mAh battery and PLP package. It is also rumored to introduce new UX interactions along with blood pressure measurement capabilities.

What if both scenarios hold some truth? It’s plausible that Samsung could be developing one version currently and another variant using Google’s Wear OS for future release.

This dual-strategy wouldn’t be out of character for Samsung. The company produces Windows 10 PCs, Google Chromebooks, and Gear VR headsets integrated with Oculus mobile software. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time Samsung has explored multiple operating systems simultaneously – they previously launched the Gear Live on Android Wear alongside the Tizen-based Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch.

While there are expectations for Google to unveil a series of revamped Wear OS watches later this year featuring Qualcomm processors, Samsung may opt for their custom Exynos processors similar to their prior models when launching their watches.

One Charger for Your Phone and Watch Convenience

Exciting news for tech enthusiasts! The upcoming AirPower technology from Apple promises a solution to charge multiple devices seamlessly, potentially available this fall. Not to be outdone, Samsung is also stepping up with their own innovation in the form of the “Samsung Wireless Charger Duo.” This charger allows you to conveniently power up your Note 9 phone and Galaxy Watch simultaneously. What sets it apart is the ability to charge both devices from separate spots on the pad.

This development signifies Samsung’s commitment to user convenience, offering a practical solution for those who own both a smartphone and smartwatch. The prospect of simplifying charging routines is undoubtedly appealing, especially for individuals seeking efficiency in their daily tech interactions.

The Future of Charging Efficiency

  • AirPower technology by Apple set to revolutionize multi-device charging
  • Samsung introduces innovative Wireless Charger Duo for seamless phone and watch charging
  • Promising advancements in technology aiming at enhancing user experience

Bixby on Samsung’s Newest Watch

If you are looking for a smartwatch that seamlessly integrates with your daily tech ecosystem, Samsung’s latest offering might catch your eye. The Galaxy Watch, powered by Tizen 4.0, now features Bixby as its voice assistant.

With Bixby onboard, navigating through tasks and queries on your wrist becomes more convenient than ever before. As Samsung continues to expand the reach of its AI across devices, having Bixby readily available on their newest watch seems like a natural progression.

Potential Voice Assistants

While Bixby takes the spotlight as the default voice assistant on the Galaxy Watch, some users may wonder about the possibility of Google Assistant making an appearance. Although not confirmed yet, it raises curiosity about potential future updates or integrations that could offer users even more choices in voice assistants.

A Closer Look at the New Galaxy Watch

When exploring the latest FCC filings for the upcoming Galaxy Watch, it’s intriguing to note that the device is expected to feature a 1.2-inch display. This screen size aligns closely with the popular Samsung Gear Sport from last year, providing users with a comfortably sized option. Additionally, compared to its predecessor, the Samsung Gear S3, this new watch is anticipated to be more compact.

It’s exciting to consider that this new Galaxy Watch could potentially blend some of the advanced features found in the Gear S3 into a smaller and more streamlined design reminiscent of the Gear Sport. This merging of capabilities from two successful models may offer consumers a well-rounded and user-friendly smartwatch experience.

In essence, Samsung appears to be leveraging its past successes while refining its product offerings for a more diverse range of users seeking both functionality and style in their wearable devices.

Here are key takeaways regarding the potential features of the upcoming Galaxy Watch:

  • Expected 1.2-inch display size
  • Blend of advanced features from previous models
  • Compact design akin to Gear Sport

By combining elements from both larger and smaller predecessors, Samsung aims to cater to varying consumer preferences within its smartwatch lineup seamlessly. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development!

Better Battery Life?

Are you curious about the advancements in battery life for upcoming Samsung smartwatches? Whether through enhanced battery capacity or more efficient processors, Samsung is committed to improving the performance of its next smartwatch. With a track record of above-average performance, especially exemplified by the Gear S3’s ability to last several days on a single charge since its release in 2016, Samsung is continuously striving for innovation.

The transition from the Gear S3 to last year’s Gear Sport saw a shift towards a more compact design by sacrificing certain features like speakerphone calling. While Samsung’s current smartwatches already offer onboard sleep tracking akin to Fitbit and Garmin models, there remains room for improvement in terms of battery life.

Recently shared by Ice Universe, news suggests that the new Samsung smartwatch may feature an impressive 470 mAh battery – a significant upgrade compared to previous models such as the Gear S3 Frontier with 380 mAh and Gear Sport with 300 mAh capacities.


In addition to curved-screen innovations seen in products like the Gear Fit 2 Pro, consumers can look forward to what advancements await them in future iterations from Samsung.

When considering the potential future developments of smartwatches, one can’t help but envision sleeker designs and innovative displays. Samsung has already made strides in this direction with the Gear Sport, transitioning towards a more universally appealing aesthetic compared to its predecessor, the Gear S3.

Reports have surfaced suggesting exciting possibilities for new display features on upcoming Samsung watches. Speculations include a second screen integrated into the rotating bezel, offering convenient access to different modes and additional functionalities. This concept aligns well with Samsung’s expertise in OLED display technology. A 2017 patent even hints at a curved edge second-screen design similar to what we’ve seen on Samsung’s Galaxy and Note phones.

Considering Samsung’s history of exploring curved displays in devices like the Gear Fit, incorporating such innovations into their smartwatches seems entirely feasible. Additionally, rumors from reliable sources like Ice Universe hint at a potential overhaul in user experience paired with these advanced display technologies — an intriguing prospect that adds further anticipation to what lies ahead for Samsung smartwatches.

In essence, while these advancements are still speculative to some extent, they demonstrate the continuous evolution and potential breakthroughs awaiting consumers in the realm of wearable technology. The marriage of cutting-edge displays with enhanced user interfaces hints at an exciting future where functionality seamlessly merges with style on our wrists.

LTE Calling: What to Expect

Phone-enabled smartwatches have been on the rise, with Samsung leading the way in this technology. Despite missing out on LTE calling in their previous model, the Gear Sport, it appears that Samsung is set to reintroduce this feature. This decision aligns with market trends, especially after Apple Watch Series 3 successfully implemented cellular calling months ago.

According to a report by Droid Life, Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch will include LTE capabilities. Additionally, for users preferring a Wi-Fi-only option, there will also be a model catering to those needs.

Three colors, at least

When selecting your Samsung Galaxy Watch, you will have a choice of three stylish color options: black, silver, and gold. Recent reports hint at the possibility of two distinct designs that might cater to diverse preferences such as Sport and Classic variants. This aligns with Samsung’s history of offering varied designs for its wearable devices like the Gear S2 and S3.

Added Health Features

Samsung integrated telemedicine services into the Samsung Health phone app back in 2017 through a collaboration with Amwell, a reputable US-based telemedicine provider. The upcoming advancements by Samsung may potentially include new sensors for their next watch model. Speculations point towards advanced heart-rate sensors that could potentially monitor atrial fibrillation or sleep apnea, similar to the functionality offered by Apple and Fitbit. There’s also talk of possible blood pressure monitoring capabilities being incorporated; this follows Samsung’s experimental inclusion of a blood-pressure-measuring sensor on the rear of their latest Galaxy S9 phones, which has been undergoing testing for several months now. Recent speculations hint at some form of blood pressure tracking being integrated into their next-generation smartwatch.

Samsung Gear Sport
Samsung Gear Sport

The prior iteration, Samsung Gear Sport from last year, was notably geared towards fitness enthusiasts and featured enhanced water resistance capabilities suitable for swimming activities.


Last year’s smartwatch model from the company was priced at $300 (£299, or AU$499) during its initial release. The previous generation, which offered more features, had a price tag of about $350 for the variant with cellular connectivity back in 2016. Considering this trend, it is likely that the upcoming model will fall within a similar price range, regardless of whether it includes cellular capabilities.

New Samsung Watch Expected to Debut with Note 9

A new Samsung smartwatch has recently received certification in Europe, hinting at an imminent release. Speculations suggest that the unveiling might happen in late August at the IFA event in Berlin, distinct from Samsung’s upcoming Aug. 9 showcase in New York.

According to a recent report by ZDNet South Korea, the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch is likely to launch alongside the Note 9 and hit stores by late August, preceding Apple’s expected September Apple Watch announcement and Google’s fall smartwatch update.

The strategy of revealing the Galaxy Watch concurrently with a new phone seems strategic for Samsung, particularly if the watch integrates novel health features that sync with an updated Health mobile application.

This information was initially published on July 21st; additional rumors concerning a multi-device charger were included on July 23rd.

# FAQs

  1. When was the Samsung Galaxy Watch officially announced?

    • The Samsung Galaxy Watch was officially announced in August 2018.
  2. What are some expected features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

    • Some expected features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch include a sleek design, improved battery life, LTE calling capabilities, and added health sensors.
  3. Will the new smartwatch from Samsung run on Tizen or Google’s Wear OS software?

    • Reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Watch will run on Tizen software, offering a unique operating system experience.
  4. What color options might be available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

    • The Samsung Galaxy Watch is rumored to come in at least three colors: black, silver, and gold.
  5. How does Bixby play a role in the upcoming smartwatch?

    • Bixby is expected to be integrated as the voice assistant on the Samsung Galaxy Watch alongside other features like telemedicine through partnerships with companies like Amwell.
  6. What can we expect in terms of pricing for the new smartwatch?

    • Pricing for the upcoming model may fall within a similar range as previous releases such as last year’s Gear Sport priced around $300.
  7. Is there any information about potential release dates for this device?

    • Recent reports indicate that we may see an unveiling of the new watch alongside other products during late August or September events.
  8. How does it compare to previous models like Gear S3 and Gear Sport?

    • The next model promises improvements over past performance including better battery life and enhanced health tracking features while maintaining a stylish design akin to Gear Sport’s slim profile.
  9. Are there any advancements in display technology anticipated for this device?

    • There are speculations regarding updated OLED displays with innovative designs potentially featuring second screen functions indicated by patents from 2017.
  10. Can users expect compatibility with multiple devices such as smartphones during charging?

    • Multidevice chargers capable of supporting phone-watch simultaneous charging have been hinted at through leaks suggesting user-friendly charging solutions.

The anticipation surrounding Samsung’s latest wearable innovation reaches fever pitch as enthusiasts eagerly await details about what could possibly be their most revolutionary smartwatch yet – enter The all-new Galaxy SmartWatch!

Slated for debut alongside exciting reveals at Samsung Unpacked 2018, this sophisticated timepiece promises style meets functionality galore! From potential sleeker designs to enhanced health-centric sensors aiding wellness monitoring akin to professional standards embraced by Apple and Fitbit counterparts; these tantalizing tidbits keep tech aficionados buzzing with excitement!

Moreover, not just limited to looks; its operational framework sparks curiosity too! With buzz around whether it would operate solely on proprietary Tizen software or offer integration possibilities with Google’s Wear OS; users are poised for varied experiences leading up till launch day!

Adding icing atop this technologically advanced cake is murmurs hinting towards LTE connectivity restoration enabling seamless communication without tethered phones – truly liberating indeed! Furthermore, whispers hinting at exquisite color variants opening doorways into personalization realms unheard before make its imminent arrival all-the-more intriguing!

Rumored price points floating echo familiar tunes resonant from prior iterations signaling affordability coupled with premium quality synchronization upheld dearly by loyalists worldwide expecting nothing but excellence from each product iteration undertaken by Samsung!

So brace yourselves fellow tech enthusiasts; change your calendars marking late August announcements revealing more secrets encapsulated within much-awaited updates!