Samsung has received approval from the Pentagon to introduce its new flagship phone for government use. The company’s Knox-enabled mobile devices, starting with the Galaxy S4, offer advanced security features such as high-level encryption, VPN, and data separation for personal and work-related information. Samsung’s Knox software allows IT administrators to manage devices efficiently through specific policies.

Here are some of the key points highlighted regarding Samsung’s approval and their Knox software:


  1. What security features does Samsung’s Knox software offer?
    Samsung’s Knox software includes high-level encryption, VPN capabilities, and data segregation to ensure secure usage.

  2. Which Samsung device has received approval for government use?
    Currently, the Galaxy S4 is the first Samsung device equipped with Knox approved for government and military departments.

  3. What does Pentagon approval mean for Samsung’s Knox-enabled devices?
    The approval allows Samsung to tap into government networks, including the Department of Defense, expanding its market to government agencies and regulated industries.

  4. How does Samsung plan to expand Knox software to other devices?
    Samsung intends to extend its Knox security software to other smartphones and tablets in the future.

  5. What are the benefits of Knox for businesses and government agencies?
    Knox offers a significant milestone for Samsung, enabling secure adoption of Samsung devices in government and large corporate enterprises.


Samsung’s approval from the Pentagon for its Knox-enabled devices marks a pivotal moment for the company in expanding its reach to government agencies and regulated industries. The high-level security features offered by Knox, including encryption and data separation, ensure a secure mobile experience for users. Moving forward, Samsung aims to introduce Knox to additional devices, solidifying its position in the market for secure mobile solutions.

For more information and updates on Samsung’s Knox software and government approvals, visit the Samsung website.