The Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to be the official Olympics phone, as reported by a source. While details are still scarce on the specific implications of this partnership, it’s unlikely that athletes will be required to sport an S3 during competitions for live streaming. Speculations around potential branding changes, such as incorporating Olympic rings or renaming the device, are contemplated. Reports also suggest that the S3 may not retain its current name and could feature eye-tracking technology similar to its predecessor, the S2.

The collaboration with the Olympics could mean the integration of NFC technology in the Galaxy S3, enabling contactless payments. NFC technology allows for quick and secure transactions by waving the phone over an NFC reader. Though currently more prevalent in chipped bank cards than in phones in the UK, NFC also facilitates information sharing between devices and interactive engagement with NFC-tagged items like posters.

Samsung’s partnership with Visa, a fellow Olympic sponsor, hints at a specialized Olympics-themed phone equipped with NFC capabilities. The upcoming launch event in London, teased as the unveiling of the “next Galaxy” device, is anticipated to introduce the Galaxy S3. Amidst this excitement, user opinions and desires for the S3’s features and functionalities are encouraged through comments and social media engagement.


  1. What is the significance of the Samsung Galaxy S3 becoming the official Olympics phone?
    The partnership indicates a potential integration of NFC technology, enabling contactless payments and interactive functions.

  2. Will athletes be mandated to use the Galaxy S3 during Olympic events?
    There is no indication that athletes will be required to use the S3 for any specific purposes during competitions.

  3. What changes in branding are speculated for the Galaxy S3?
    Potential alterations in branding, such as incorporating Olympic symbols or renaming the device, are being discussed.

  4. What features from the Samsung Galaxy S2 might be retained in the S3?
    Speculations suggest that the S3 may retain features like eye-tracking technology similar to the S2.

  5. What role does NFC technology play in the Galaxy S3?
    NFC technology in the S3 allows for contactless payments, information sharing, and interactive engagement with NFC-tagged items.

  6. How prevalent is NFC-enabled technology in the UK currently?
    NFC technology is more commonly found in chipped bank cards in the UK than in smartphones.

  7. What collaboration between Samsung and Visa hints at the Olympics-themed phone?
    The partnership between Samsung and Visa suggests a specialized phone with NFC capabilities tailored for the Olympics.

  8. When is the launch event for the “next Galaxy” device scheduled?
    The launch event for the anticipated Galaxy S3 is set to take place in London on May 3rd.

  9. How can users share their feedback on the desired features for the Galaxy S3?
    Users are encouraged to share their opinions and preferences through comments and social media platforms.

  10. What opportunities does NFC technology in the Galaxy S3 offer for users?
    NFC technology in the S3 offers users convenient and secure contactless payment options, information sharing capabilities, and interactive engagement with NFC-enabled items.

  11. What is the historical relationship between Samsung, Visa, and the Olympic Games?
    Samsung and Visa are both sponsors of the Olympic Games, collaborating on initiatives like contactless payments and promoting NFC technology.

  12. What is the expected impact of the Olympics partnership on the Galaxy S3’s features and functionalities?
    The Olympics partnership is expected to enhance the Galaxy S3 with NFC technology for contactless payments and interactive experiences.


The collaboration between Samsung and the Olympics marks a significant milestone with the Galaxy S3 anticipated to be the official Olympics phone. Speculations on potential rebranding and feature enhancements, such as NFC technology, have piqued the interest of users. The upcoming launch event in London promises the unveiling of the “next Galaxy,” likely to be the S3. Users are encouraged to share their feedback and expectations for the S3, emphasizing the interactive and innovative possibilities brought by NFC technology. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Galaxy S3 and join the conversation on desired features and functionalities.