Samsung anticipates that its Galaxy S3 will surpass 30 million units in global sales by the end of the year, as reported by the Yonhap News Agency. This positive outlook was shared by Samsung’s IT and mobile unit chief Shin Jong-kyun during a press briefing at the company’s headquarters in Seoul. Following the news of selling 20 million Galaxy S3 devices within just 100 days since its launch in May, Samsung is optimistically looking towards achieving even greater success.

Shin also highlighted Samsung’s latest offering, the Galaxy Note 2, which garnered attention at last month’s IFA trade show. The new “phablet” with a larger 5.5-inch display is projected to surpass the success of its predecessor, expected to exceed 10 million units sold for the original Galaxy Note. Consumers can anticipate getting their hands on this new device starting next month.

In a broader context, global smartphone shipments are on an upward trajectory with an estimated total of 567 million units expected to be shipped this year alone. Looking ahead to 2016, this number is predicted to nearly double according to NPD DisplaySearch forecasts. Apple’s upcoming iPhone release is poised to be a significant contributor to this growth trend as well.

NPD DisplaySearch analyst Hiroshi Hayase underscored Apple’s influence in driving smartphone market dynamics stating that “…Apple shipped more than 140 million phones in…” previous years setting high expectations for iPhone’s performance moving forward.

Despite optimistic projections overall, challenges such as lower-than-expected new smartphone shipments have emerged recently according to revised estimates from NPD DisplaySearch indicating potential saturation in certain markets like U.S.A., where there has been only moderate growth mainly driven by prepaid phone purchases based on recent reports.


1 – What are Samsung’s sales projections for the Galaxy S3?
Samsung aims to exceed over
30 million units globally by end.

2 – Who announced Samsung’s sales forecast for Galaxy S3?
Samsung’s IT and mobile unit chief Shin Jong-kyun shared this

3 – How many Galaxy S3 devices were sold within first few months after launch?
20 Million smartphones sold within initial
100 days post-launch period

4 – What features does Samsung highlight about its new product line-up?
The company emphasizes advancements showcased through products like
the newly unveiled Galaxy Note

5 – What are industry-wide predictions regarding global smartphone shipments?
Global shipments expected reaching around
567 Million across various brands

6 – Which brand besides Samsung plays a crucial role in boosting smartphone market growth?
Apple known for influencing trends with anticipated releases benefitting overall market performance

7 – Why did NPD DisplaySearch revise down their earlier shipment forecasts?
Revised due changing market conditions reflecting potentially saturated markets affecting demand levels

8 – What factors drive modest U.S.A smart-phone sales figures state-wise recently?

Recent findings indicate slowing growth rates linked possibly increasing preference towards prepaid phones impacting actual sale volumes

9 – Based on expert analysis what could impact replacement cycles positively?

Suggestions observed service providers shortening connectivity contracts might boost replacing outdated models leading potentially higher upgrade purchase possibilities

10 – In highlighting sophisticated technical details about upcoming iPhones’ what key features stood emphasized?
Highlights include insights toward upgraded screen display size comprising sleeker design integrating sensor functions efficiently

11- How does future progress appear optimistic despite present challenges outlined earlier?

Promising newer model launches may trigger rise demands specifically aimed towards advanced technological options seen motivating varied customers’ preferences.

12- On sustainability aspects hinted any strategic planning considered related battery power enhancements ending processes review unforeseen complications tackled proactively.


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