Samsung’s Fourth Quarter Profit Forecast Overview:

After a strong third-quarter performance, Samsung anticipates a notable decline in its fourth-quarter profit. The decrease is attributed to subdued demand for chips and heightened competition in the smartphone sector.


  1. What factors are contributing to Samsung’s projected decline in fourth-quarter profit?

    • Samsung attributes the anticipated profit decrease to weakened demand for chips and increased competition in the smartphone market.
  2. How much operating profit does Samsung expect for the fourth quarter?

    • Samsung forecasts an operating profit of around 10.8 trillion won ($9.6 billion) for the period ending Dec. 31.
  3. What is the expected revenue for Samsung in the fourth quarter?

    • The company is expected to generate revenue of 59 trillion won ($52.8 billion), marking a nearly 15 percent decline from the previous year.
  4. Which divisions within Samsung are highlighted in the earnings guidance?

    • While specific divisional results were not provided, the memory and mobile businesses were mentioned for their performance insights.
  5. What challenges did Samsung face in the memory business according to the guidance?

    • Samsung noted that memory earnings significantly decreased quarter over quarter due to weaker demand and inventory adjustments at data-center customers.
  6. Why did mobile profits decline for Samsung in the fourth quarter?

    • Mobile profits saw a downturn due to increased marketing expenses and flat smartphone sales volume amidst strong seasonality and market competition.
  7. What are Samsung’s expectations for the first quarter of 2019?

    • Samsung foresees subdued earnings in the first quarter due to challenging conditions in the memory business, with anticipated market improvement in the latter half of the year.
  8. How does Samsung plan to enhance its position in the smartphone market?

    • Samsung aims to elevate its standing by introducing foldable and 5G handsets to capture market opportunities.
  9. Aside from phones and TVs, what other products does Samsung focus on?

    • Samsung is a prominent player in the memory chip sector, holding the position of the world’s largest semiconductor maker by revenue as of 2017.
  10. How does Samsung’s recent guidance compare to Apple’s performance forecast?

    • Samsung’s profit outlook contrasts with Apple’s recent warning to investors regarding weaker revenue projections, impacting its stock value.


Samsung, following a robust third quarter, foresees a decline in fourth-quarter profit due to challenges in chip demand and smartphone market competition. The company’s operating profit and revenue expectations signal a tough quarter ahead, with specific insights into its memory and mobile divisions. While facing market pressures, Samsung remains optimistic about future improvements, especially with plans to introduce innovative handset models. As the technology landscape evolves, Samsung’s diversification beyond traditional consumer electronics into semiconductor dominance showcases its adaptability in a competitive market.

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