Samsung experienced significant success in the fourth quarter of 2011, showcasing profits of £2.9 billion during its annual earnings call. However, these numbers pale in comparison to Apple’s staggering financial achievements. Samsung’s total sales reached £26.7 billion, with £2.9 billion in profit. The company celebrated selling 300 million phones in 2011, with the Galaxy S2 leading the charge. Anticipation was high for upcoming releases like the Note and Nexus, as well as the anticipated Galaxy S3 in 2012. Samsung’s mobile division contributed 45% of its earnings, with its semiconductor and display sectors also performing well.

Despite Samsung’s impressive performance, Apple surpassed expectations with a record profit of £8.3 billion, largely driven by the popularity of the iPhone 4S. Apple sold 37 million units in just 14 weeks at the end of 2011, outselling all Android phones combined in the US. Although Apple lagged behind in Europe, its dominance was evident. In contrast, Nokia faced challenges, reporting a total loss of £800 million in 2011 attributed to the delayed launch of the Windows Phone Lumia 800.

The competition in the mobile market remains fierce, with anticipation building for upcoming releases. The industry awaits the unveiling of new figures, especially with events like the Mobile World Congress on the horizon. It will be interesting to see how the market evolves in the coming months.


  1. What were Samsung’s profits in the fourth quarter of 2011?

    • Samsung reported profits of £2.9 billion during this period.
  2. How many phones did Samsung sell in 2011?

    • Samsung sold a staggering 300 million phones in 2011.
  3. Which Samsung phone was the most popular in 2011?

    • The Galaxy S2 was the standout performer for Samsung in 2011.
  4. What percentage of Samsung’s earnings came from its mobile division?

    • Approximately 45% of Samsung’s total earnings were attributed to its mobile division.
  5. What contributed to Apple’s record profit in 2011?

    • Apple’s record profit in 2011 was largely driven by the success of the iPhone 4S.
  6. How many iPhone 4S units were sold by Apple at the end of 2011?

    • Apple sold 37 million iPhone 4S units in the last 14 weeks of 2011.
  7. How did Nokia perform financially in 2011?

    • Nokia reported a total loss of £800 million at the end of 2011.
  8. Which Nokia phone was blamed for the financial loss in 2011?

    • The delayed launch of the Windows Phone Lumia 800 contributed to Nokia’s financial loss.
  9. What upcoming Nokia phones were expected to boost sales in 2012?

    • Nokia anticipated positive figures in 2012 with the Lumia 710, Lumia 800, and Lumia 900.
  10. What event is highly anticipated in the mobile industry?

    • The Mobile World Congress is a significant event awaited in the mobile industry.
  11. When can we expect to see new market figures?

    • The market analysis is eagerly awaited, especially post the Mobile World Congress.
  12. How can readers share their market analysis?

    • Readers can share their insights in the comments section or on the associated Facebook page.


In summary, Samsung celebrated impressive profits and sales figures in the fourth quarter of 2011, fueled by the success of the Galaxy S2 and a strong performance in its mobile division. However, Apple’s exceptional financial results outshone Samsung’s achievements, with record profits driven by the iPhone 4S. Meanwhile, Nokia faced challenges with significant financial losses attributed to the delayed launch of the Lumia 800. The competition remains intense in the mobile market, with anticipation for upcoming releases and market insights post events like the Mobile World Congress. Readers are encouraged to stay tuned for further developments and share their thoughts on the market trends.