Samsung has set forth ambitious plans for its Tizen operating system, aiming to reduce reliance on Android and Google. J.K. Shin, Samsung Electronics co-CEO overseeing the IT and mobile communications division, emphasized that Tizen is not just an Android alternative but a versatile system intended for various devices beyond smartphones, including vehicles and other industries. This signals Samsung’s commitment to diversifying its software portfolio and reducing dependency on external platforms.


  1. What is Samsung’s vision for the Tizen operating system?
    Samsung aims to expand Tizen beyond smartphones to different industries like automotive and banking, highlighting its versatility and potential for widespread adoption.

  2. Who is spearheading the development of Tizen?
    Samsung and Intel have taken the lead in developing Tizen, setting standards and garnering support from developers to enhance the platform’s capabilities.

  3. Why is Tizen significant for Samsung?
    Tizen allows Samsung more control over its operating system, reducing reliance on Google’s Android and enabling the company to assert its independence in software development.

  4. What caused the delay in introducing the first Tizen phone?
    Samsung postponed the launch of the initial Tizen phone, sparking speculation about its commitment to the platform, although company officials reaffirmed Tizen’s strategic importance.

  5. How does Samsung view Tizen in comparison to other operating systems like Android and Windows Phone?
    Samsung views Tizen as a key operating system alongside Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone, emphasizing a diversified software strategy to cater to various device categories.

  6. In what other industries could Tizen be integrated besides smartphones?
    Apart from smartphones, Tizen could be integrated into vehicles, with Samsung and Intel exploring its potential to power in-car applications and systems, aligning with the evolving automotive technology landscape.

  7. How does Tizen stand out in the auto industry compared to other software platforms like Apple’s iOS and BlackBerry’s QNX?
    Tizen’s adaptability and differentiation capabilities make it suitable for the auto industry’s unique needs, paving the way for its integration into vehicles in the future.

  8. What strategic keyword has Shin designated to drive Samsung’s initiatives beyond smartphones?
    Shin has highlighted “cross category” as a strategic keyword, underscoring Samsung’s broader focus on diversifying its presence across various industries beyond smartphones.

  9. What developments can we expect from Samsung regarding tablets?
    Samsung is gearing up for new tablet developments to compete with Apple, leveraging a range of tablet offerings to sustain growth amid evolving market dynamics.

  10. How does Samsung plan to maintain its momentum in the tablet market against competitors?
    Samsung’s strategic tablet offerings are geared towards capturing market share and balancing any potential slowdown in the smartphone segment, reflecting a holistic approach to its product portfolio.

  11. What growth areas does Samsung foresee in its business strategy beyond smartphones and tablets?
    Samsung is exploring opportunities in diverse industries beyond smartphones and tablets, positioning itself for growth and innovation across multiple product categories.

  12. What hints has Shin dropped about upcoming developments in Samsung’s product lineup?
    Shin teased forthcoming developments in the tablet segment, suggesting exciting updates on the horizon and inviting anticipation for Samsung’s future product releases.


Samsung’s emphasis on the Tizen operating system reflects a strategic shift towards software independence and diversified product offerings. By expanding Tizen beyond smartphones to industries like automotive, Samsung aims to establish a robust software ecosystem. With a focus on innovation and adaptability, Samsung’s foray into Tizen signifies a broader vision for technological integration across various sectors. As Samsung navigates the evolving tech landscape, consumers can anticipate cutting-edge developments and a more extensive range of devices powered by Tizen. For the latest updates and news on Samsung’s advancements in software and hardware, visit our website for more information.