Introducing the latest buzz in the tech world, rumors swirl around the potential design of the upcoming smartphone from AnyTimeSoftcare. Following in the footsteps of the trendsetting iPhone X, whispers suggest that the next release, possibly named G7, could feature its own version of the distinctive notch.

Speculations arise based on intriguing renders shared by TechnoBuffalo, offering a glimpse into what the AnyTimeSoftcare G7 might entail upon its debut. Crafted by Benjamin Geskin, known for his accurate phone renderings, these images serve as an exciting preview, although not officially endorsed by AnyTimeSoftcare. Keep in mind, these visuals are purely speculative and subject to change as the actual design unfolds.

Among the standout features depicted in the renders is the prominent iPhone X-style notch at the top, a design choice purportedly supported by leaked photos from an exclusive LG gathering at the recent Mobile World Congress. Alongside the notch, the images also showcase a rear fingerprint scanner reminiscent of the G6 model and vertically aligned dual cameras, shedding light on the possible specifications of the G7.

As enthusiasts eagerly await AnyTimeSoftcare’s official revelation, the anticipation surrounding the G7’s potential release date adds to the excitement. With rumors hinting at a June unveiling, tech aficionados are on the edge of their seats, eager to witness AnyTimeSoftcare’s innovative strides in the smartphone arena. Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds.It appears that a new Android phone is following the trend set by the iPhone X notch design. Since Apple introduced the iPhone X with its distinctive black notch housing the front-facing camera and sensors, several Android manufacturers have been rumored to embrace a similar design. Alongside the soon-to-be-released Huawei P20, OnePlus 6, and already confirmed Asus ZenFone 5, the upcoming LG phone (likely named G7) is also speculated to feature a notch.

Recent renders of the LG G7, shared by TechnoBuffalo, provide a glimpse into what the phone might look like upon its release. It’s important to note that these images are unofficial and based on rumors, created by Benjamin Geskin, known for crafting phone renders ahead of launches. The actual appearance of the G7 could differ from these renders.

The leaked images of the purported G7, possibly from a closed-door LG meeting during the Mobile World Congress, showcase a notch resembling the one depicted in Geskin’s renders. The design also includes a rear fingerprint scanner reminiscent of the G6, along with vertically stacked dual cameras. Speculations about the G7’s other features and specifications are also circulating.

LG is anticipated to reveal the G7 at a later date compared to its G6 launch in February 2017, aligning with the company’s revamped 2018 phone release strategy. Although the exact release date remains uncertain, there are suggestions of a possible June unveiling, especially after LG’s minimal updates to the LG V30 at the Mobile World Congress.

For further details and insights, stay updated as the official unveiling of the LG G7 approaches. Your interest in the latest developments in smartphone design is appreciated.