Introducing the latest buzz in the tech world – the revamped Galaxy Fold by AnyTimeSoftcare. After a tumultuous journey marred by design setbacks that led to the initial launch delay, Samsung is back with a promise of a more robust and refined foldable phone. Set to hit the shelves in September, with an initial release in Korea followed by a rollout across Asia and Europe before reaching the US, the new Galaxy Fold aims to address the concerns that plagued its predecessor.

Having had the opportunity to test the redesigned model firsthand, Samsung assures users that the updated version is geared to steer clear of the issues that caused screens to malfunction in the past. While early reviews highlighted some scratches on the display, the brand asserts that significant improvements have been made to enhance durability.

These alterations not only rectify the teething problems of the original Galaxy Fold but also signal a strategic shift in how Samsung plans to position and market the device. Initially envisioned as a groundbreaking innovation commanding a hefty price tag of $1,980, the Galaxy Fold was poised to be the epitome of technological advancement and luxury. However, the recent modifications reflect a learning curve for Samsung, prompting a reevaluation of the device’s market reception and positioning.

Galaxy Fold Redesign: A Detailed Look at Samsung’s Enhancements

Since its initial release, Samsung has made significant improvements to the Galaxy Fold, ensuring a more durable and user-friendly experience for consumers. The redesign retains the essence of the original version while incorporating subtle changes to enhance the device’s overall resilience, especially the delicate plastic screen.

One notable refinement is the elimination of confusion regarding the protective layer on the display. Previously mistaken for an optional screen protector, it is now clear that this layer is an integral part of the screen’s structure, crucial for its durability. This adjustment addresses concerns raised by early reviewers who encountered issues with the display integrity.

Users have reported a smoother and sturdier feel when unfolding the Galaxy Fold, noting a more refined tactile experience compared to the previous iteration. The magnetic closure mechanism, which secures the screens together, has also been reinforced to provide a reassuringly secure fit.

The overall design improvements aim to offer a more cohesive and reliable folding experience for users. While it may be challenging to pinpoint specific details without a direct side-by-side comparison, the enhanced build quality and refined mechanics contribute to a more polished device.

For those familiar with the original Galaxy Fold, the evolution of the device is evident, highlighting Samsung’s commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. The enhanced features and refined design elements underscore the brand’s dedication to delivering premium folding technology.

From enhanced durability to improved functionality, the Galaxy Fold redesign represents Samsung’s ongoing efforts to elevate the foldable phone experience. The magnetic closure, a signature feature of the device, continues to provide a secure and seamless transition between folded and unfolded states, ensuring a reliable user experience.

No visible screen protector

When examining the Fold, it’s important to note that there isn’t a visible screen protector that you can remove. The screen’s functionality relies on a polymer layer that is situated under the plastic bezel. Even though this layer isn’t visible, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the screen’s usability. This design ensures that the screen remains protected without compromising its appearance.

Screen Caps at the Ends of the Phone

When folding the phone’s screen, the new T-shaped plastic “caps” effectively seal air gaps that were previously present, ensuring a smoother folding experience. These caps play a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity of the device during the folding process. An attempt to manipulate these caps with fingernails proved unsuccessful, highlighting their robust design and reliability.

Here are some key points to consider about the screen caps:

  • Enhanced Protection: The T-shaped caps provide an added layer of protection, safeguarding the phone’s screen and internal components from potential damage.

  • Improved Durability: By sealing off air gaps, these caps contribute to the overall durability of the device, enhancing its longevity.

  • Seamless Folding: With the caps in place, the folding mechanism operates seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

  • Attention to Detail: The meticulous design of the caps reflects the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and innovation.

In conclusion, the inclusion of T-shaped plastic caps at the ends of the phone’s screen signifies a thoughtful engineering solution aimed at enhancing user satisfaction and prolonging the device’s lifespan. These caps not only address structural concerns but also contribute to a more refined and reliable folding process.

Reinforced Screen

The previous design of the Galaxy Fold featured a layer of metal supporting a soft layer underneath and the upper part of the screen. This configuration led to a more noticeable crease running along the center of the phone, as acknowledged by Samsung. To address this, Samsung has reinforced the screen by introducing an additional layer of metal on top of the existing cushion. This enhancement aims to minimize the visibility of the crease and improve durability against excessive pressure on the display.


The previously visible layer serving as a screen protector remains in place, albeit now concealed from view, which contributes to an improved aesthetic appeal.

Exploring New Color Options for the Fold

When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of tech gadgets, colors play a significant role. In the case of the Fold, the Astro Blue and Martian Green hues added a unique touch. However, Samsung has recently announced a shift in its color offerings, now focusing on silver and black variants. While this change may disappoint some fans, it’s essential to understand the potential reasons behind it.

One possible rationale for this decision could be Samsung’s strategic adjustment to align with market demand and optimize production efficiency. By streamlining their color options, Samsung could simplify its manufacturing processes and potentially reduce costs.

Despite the shift, it’s crucial to remember that color choices are subjective, and the silver and black options still exude elegance and sophistication. Additionally, this change could pave the way for future limited-edition releases or customization options for users.

Factors Influencing Color Choices in Tech Devices

When selecting colors for devices like the Fold, several factors come into play. Design trends, user preferences, and manufacturing considerations all influence these decisions. Understanding the intricate balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality is key for tech companies in creating products that resonate with consumers.

Embracing Change in Tech Design

As the tech industry evolves, it’s natural to see shifts in design elements such as color choices. Embracing these changes not only reflects the dynamic nature of technology but also opens up new opportunities for innovation and creativity.


While the absence of Astro Blue and Martian Green may be bittersweet for some, the transition to silver and black for the Fold represents a strategic move by Samsung to adapt to market dynamics. By understanding the reasoning behind this shift and appreciating the potential for future developments, tech enthusiasts can anticipate exciting possibilities in the ever-evolving world of tech design.

The Galaxy Fold: A Refined and Redesigned Masterpiece

Update, Sept. 18: After addressing initial design concerns, the new retail model of the Galaxy Fold is set to hit the market. Samsung took a step back after early screen malfunctions and went back to the drawing board to enhance its performance. The revised Galaxy Fold is now making a comeback, with sales starting in September in Korea before expanding to other regions in Asia, Europe, and eventually the US.

Hands-On Experience with the Redesigned Model
The revamped design of the Galaxy Fold aims to prevent the screen issues that plagued the initial release. I had the opportunity to experience the new model firsthand, and the improvements are evident. Samsung has rectified the early setbacks of the Galaxy Fold, signaling a shift in the company’s approach to marketing the device.

Enhancements to the Galaxy Fold
The new design maintains the essence of its predecessor while incorporating subtle changes to reinforce the delicate plastic screen. One significant improvement is the removal of ambiguity regarding the protective layer on the screen, which previously led to user errors. The unfolding action of the Fold feels smoother and more robust, providing a satisfying tactile experience.

Key Design Upgrades:

  1. No Visible Screen Protector: The essential polymer layer now extends beneath the bezel, ensuring protection without compromising usability.
  2. Screen Caps at the Ends: T-shaped plastic caps eliminate air gaps that previously existed when folding the screen, enhancing durability.
  3. Reinforced Screen: Additional layers of metal have been incorporated to strengthen the screen and reduce the prominence of the crease.
  4. Updated Color Options: The Fold will now be available in silver and black, a more subdued choice compared to the previous vibrant options.
  5. 4G Only for US: The US market will offer the Galaxy Fold in a 4G variant, with 5G versions available in select countries.

Looking Ahead
Samsung’s dedication to improving the Galaxy Fold reflects its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The refined model addresses previous concerns and sets a new standard for foldable technology. As the device prepares for its reentry into the market, anticipation is building for its official release and reception.


  1. What were the main issues with the original Galaxy Fold design?
    The original Galaxy Fold faced challenges with its delicate screen and protective layer, leading to user confusion and screen damage.

  2. How has Samsung addressed the design flaws in the new Galaxy Fold model?
    Samsung has made enhancements to reinforce the screen, improve the folding mechanism, and offer a more durable build overall.

  3. What are the key design upgrades in the new Galaxy Fold?
    The redesigned model features a strengthened screen, improved folding action, updated color options, and enhanced structural components.

  4. Will the new Galaxy Fold be available globally?
    Yes, the new Galaxy Fold will be released in stages, starting in Korea and expanding to other regions worldwide.

  5. What sets the new Galaxy Fold apart from its predecessor?
    The refined Galaxy Fold combines innovative technology with user feedback to deliver a more reliable and functional device.

  6. Are there any significant changes to the appearance of the new Galaxy Fold?
    While the overall design remains similar, subtle adjustments have been made to improve durability and user experience.

  7. How has the consumer response been to the redesigned Galaxy Fold?
    Initial feedback suggests that consumers appreciate the improvements made to the Galaxy Fold, enhancing its appeal and usability.

  8. Will Samsung offer additional support for Galaxy Fold users?
    Samsung is committed to providing ongoing support and updates for Galaxy Fold users to ensure a seamless experience.

  9. What future developments can we expect from Samsung in foldable technology?
    Samsung continues to explore new possibilities in foldable technology, with potential innovations on the horizon for future devices.

  10. How can users best care for their Galaxy Fold to maintain its performance?
    Users are advised to follow Samsung’s guidelines for device care, including proper handling, storage, and maintenance practices to prolong the Galaxy Fold’s lifespan.


The Galaxy Fold’s comeback showcases Samsung’s commitment to innovation and quality in the smartphone market. The redesigned model addresses previous concerns and offers a more robust and reliable user experience. With enhanced features and thoughtful improvements, the Galaxy Fold sets a new standard for foldable devices. As anticipation grows for its official release, users can look forward to a cutting-edge smartphone that combines style and functionality seamlessly.

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