BlackBerry fans have reasons to celebrate with the new BlackBerry Torch. However, there were mixed reactions when Research In Motion decided to partner exclusively with AT&T as the carrier for the phone. Some consumers expressed concerns about AT&T’s network capacity and reputation in the wireless industry. Despite this, there are several reasons why RIM made this decision.


  1. Why did Research In Motion choose AT&T as the exclusive carrier for the BlackBerry Torch?
    Research In Motion opted for AT&T as they were eager to have the popular BlackBerry device on their network, given their success with the iPhone.

  2. What advantages does AT&T offer as a carrier for the BlackBerry Torch?
    AT&T has a large subscriber base and sells more smartphones than any other carrier in the US, providing a wide audience for the BlackBerry Torch.

  3. Will the exclusivity deal with AT&T last indefinitely?
    The exclusivity period with AT&T may not be permanent, as RIM is likely to introduce similar features in other BlackBerry models in the near future.

  4. Why did some consumers express concerns about the exclusive deal with AT&T?
    Some consumers were worried that limiting the BlackBerry Torch to AT&T might restrict the device’s reach and potential customer base.

  5. How does AT&T’s GSM network benefit the BlackBerry Torch?
    Being a GSM carrier, AT&T’s network compatibility allows BlackBerry Torch users to easily use the device in other countries with GSM networks, which is ideal for international travelers.

  6. What marketing efforts did AT&T put in place for the BlackBerry Torch?
    AT&T announced an aggressive marketing campaign through various channels to promote the BlackBerry Torch, aiming to attract more customers.

  7. Will the BlackBerry Torch be available on other carriers in the future?
    There is a possibility that other carriers like Verizon Wireless or Sprint Nextel may offer versions of the BlackBerry Torch under different names in the future.


The partnership between Research In Motion and AT&T for the BlackBerry Torch raised concerns among consumers, but there are valid reasons behind this decision. AT&T’s large subscriber base and successful track record with smartphones made them an appealing choice for RIM. The GSM compatibility of AT&T’s network also benefits users who travel internationally. While the exclusivity deal with AT&T may limit the device’s reach initially, RIM is likely to introduce similar features in other models soon. Overall, the BlackBerry Torch offers a unique blend of features that appeal to users who prefer a physical keyboard over touch-screen devices. For more information on the BlackBerry Torch and the latest updates, visit our website.