Introducing the latest innovation in wearable technology, Qualcomm makes a stylish entrance into the world of smartwatches with the unveiling of the Toq smartwatch. Designed to complement and enhance your smartphone experience, the Toq smartwatch offers a convenient way to stay connected on the go. Syncing seamlessly with your smartphone, this cutting-edge device allows you to effortlessly manage texts, calls, and notifications with just a glance, all without the need to constantly reach for your phone.

Powered by Qualcomm’s proprietary operating system and featuring the energy-efficient mirasol display, the Toq smartwatch delivers a sleek and responsive user experience. While currently optimized for Android devices, Qualcomm is actively exploring options to expand its compatibility to include iOS in the future, ensuring a wider reach for its innovative technology.

One standout feature of the Toq smartwatch is its innovative battery placement within the watch band clasp, allowing for a slim and customizable design. With up to five days of battery life under typical usage conditions and easy wireless charging capabilities, this smartwatch offers both style and practicality. Available in classic black or white, the Toq smartwatch also includes wireless Bluetooth headphones for a complete tech-savvy package.Smartwatches have become increasingly popular for their convenience in allowing users to stay connected without constantly reaching for their smartphones. One such smartwatch, like many others in the market, is designed to complement rather than replace your smartphone or tablet. Let’s delve into some common questions regarding this innovative technology.


  1. What is the primary function of a smartwatch like Toq?

    • A smartwatch such as Toq syncs with your smartphone to provide quick access to notifications like texts, calls, and calendar alerts without having to take out your phone.
  2. What operating system does Toq run on?

    • Toq operates on Qualcomm’s operating system and features the company’s low-power mirasol display.
  3. Which devices are compatible with Toq?

    • Currently, Toq is compatible with Android devices, with potential plans to extend connectivity to iOS in the future.
  4. How does Toq achieve its slim design?

    • To make the device thinner, Qualcomm has strategically placed the battery in the clasp of the watch band, allowing users to adjust the band to fit their wrist size.
  5. How long does the battery of Toq last?

    • With typical use, the battery of Toq lasts approximately five days, while heavy use may result in up to three days of battery life. The smartwatch conveniently recharges wirelessly by placing it on a dock.
  6. What color options are available for Toq?

    • Toq is available in black or white, giving users a choice in selecting their preferred style.
  7. Does Toq come with any additional accessories?

    • Yes, Toq comes with wireless Bluetooth headphones to enhance the user experience.
  8. What sets Toq’s mirasol display apart from other technologies?

    • Qualcomm’s mirasol display offers better visibility in sunlight and consumes less power compared to traditional screen technologies.
  9. How does mirasol display technology work?

    • Mirasol is a reflective display technology similar to e-ink screens, providing vivid colors and quick refresh rates suitable for video content.
  10. What are the limitations of mirasol displays?

    • Mirasol displays may face challenges in dark environments with limited outside light. To address this, devices like Toq incorporate a backlight for improved visibility.
  11. What are Qualcomm’s plans for future versions of Toq?

    • Qualcomm has stated that there are no plans for further versions of Toq. However, other companies may introduce devices featuring mirasol screens soon.
  12. How does Qualcomm aim to leverage its mirasol technology?

    • Qualcomm intends to focus on licensing the mirasol technology while partnering with other companies to bring innovative products to the market.


Smartwatches like Toq offer a convenient way to stay connected on the go, syncing seamlessly with your smartphone for essential notifications. With its sleek design and innovative mirasol display technology, Toq stands out in the wearable tech market. As Qualcomm explores potential expansions to iOS compatibility and further advancements in mirasol displays, the future looks promising for smartwatch enthusiasts. Embrace the convenience and style of Toq, and step into a world of connected possibilities. Visit our website to discover more about the latest in wearable technology and make a smart choice today.