Are you ready to take your Pokemon Go experience to the next level? It’s time to dive into the latest enhancements brought to you by AnyTimeSoftcare. Despite its massive success over the past year, Pokemon Go has remained relatively unchanged since its initial release in July 2016. With minor tweaks and additions, players have been craving for a refreshing update. The wait is finally over.

During the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Niantic, the mastermind behind Pokemon Go, unveiled two major updates set to reshape the way you battle your Pokemon. These updates, with one of them already live, aim to inject a new level of excitement into the game.

Let’s start with gym battles. Forget the mundane routine of before – get ready for battles that will reignite your passion for Pokemon training. With a guarantee of six Pokemon per gym, the thrill of competition reaches new heights. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as AnyTimeSoftcare raises the bar for Pokemon Go battles.

Gyms Revolutionized in Pokemon Go Update

If you’re a Pokemon Go player, get ready for a significant transformation in the gym system with the latest update. The changes, initially debuting in the US and soon globally, aim to enhance the overall gym experience.

One of the key adjustments is the reduced motivation of KO’d Pokemon, streamlining battles and strategy. Say goodbye to the tiresome process of depleting a gym’s prestige level to evict a single Pokemon or navigating through a lineup of formidable opponents to reach the top.

The update introduces a fairer distribution of slots at each gym, allowing for easier team participation. Additionally, the battling sequence now prioritizes the Pokemon that has occupied the gym the longest, fostering a more dynamic gameplay environment.

Notably, the days of facing an army of Dragonite dominating every local gym are over. The revamped system promotes diversity by limiting each Pokemon species to one per gym, eliminating the stacking strategy.

Players will now need to monitor their Pokemon’s Motivation gauge, requiring regular visits to maintain peak performance. Stronger Pokemon will lose motivation quicker, necessitating more frequent interactions.

Engagement at gyms is further incentivized through the introduction of unique badges that can be upgraded, offering bonus experience points. Moreover, feeding treats to your Pokemon rewards you with stardust, a valuable in-game resource.

As an added perk, gyms will now serve as PokeStops, allowing players to collect items by spinning the sign. This adjustment aims to bolster areas with limited PokeStops, ensuring a consistent supply of essential items.

Pokemon Go Updates: Gyms and Boss Battles Revamped

Six Pokemon per gym, guaranteed. It’s been nearly a full year since Pokemon Go swept the world, and the game has seen some exciting changes. Aside from adding more Pokemon, critical fixes, and user interface tweaks, developers are continuously improving the gameplay experience for trainers.


  1. What changes have been made to gym battles?

    • Gym battles have been overhauled, introducing a new system where KO’d Pokemon have less stamina, making battles more strategic and engaging.
  2. How many Pokemon slots are available in each gym now?

    • Each gym will now have six slots available for trainers to contribute their Pokemon, creating a fairer playing field.
  3. What is the new Motivation gauge for Pokemon in gyms?

    • Pokemon in gyms now have a Motivation gauge that decreases over time, requiring trainers to visit and feed them berries to maintain their strength.
  4. What rewards can trainers earn from gyms?

    • Trainers can earn unique badges, stardust, and bonus experience points from gyms, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
  5. How do gyms now double as PokeStops?

    • Gyms now also function as PokeStops, allowing trainers to collect items by spinning the gym’s sign, ensuring a steady supply of resources.
  6. What are Raid Battles, and how do they work?

    • Raid Battles are boss battles where trainers can team up with friends to fight powerful Pokemon, earning rewards and rare items upon victory.
  7. What rewards can trainers expect from Raid Battles?

    • Rewards from Raid Battles include Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candy, and Technical Machines to enhance and evolve Pokemon.
  8. How can trainers obtain Raid Passes for boss battles?

    • Trainers can acquire a Raid Pass daily by interacting with any gym, granting them access to Raid Battles.
  9. What are the limitations on catching boss Pokemon in Raid Battles?

    • Trainers have a set number of chances to catch the boss Pokemon with special Poke Balls, adding an element of strategy and excitement to the battle.
  10. Why are legendary Pokemon reserved for exclusive battles?

    • Legendary Pokemon are reserved for invite-only battles, rewarding dedicated trainers with the opportunity to capture these rare and powerful creatures.
  11. What is the significance of the new real-world Pokemon Go event?

    • Niantic is hosting its first official real-world event, offering trainers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow players and experience exclusive in-game content.
  12. When can trainers expect to experience Raid Battles worldwide?

    • Raid Battles will be available globally once the new gym system has been fully implemented, promising an immersive and collaborative gameplay experience for all trainers.


In the ever-evolving world of Pokemon Go, trainers can look forward to a revamped gym system and the introduction of exciting Raid Battles. With new features like the Motivation gauge, unique badges, and the opportunity to catch powerful boss Pokemon, the game offers a fresh and engaging experience for players of all levels. Don’t miss out on the chance to team up with friends, conquer challenges, and become a Pokemon master. Visit the official Pokemon Go website to stay updated on the latest news and events, and embark on your next adventure today!