AT&T and Verizon are involved in addressing challenges with the new 4G wireless provider, LightSquared, according to billionaire hedge fund manager Philip Falcone. Falcone has expressed concerns that AT&T and Verizon may be leveraging their influence to hinder LightSquared’s progress as it strives to establish a nationwide 4G LTE network available for wholesale distribution. Despite LightSquared’s innovative approach, conflicts have arisen due to potential interference issues with GPS equipment users.

Here is an overview of the situation:

  1. What is LightSquared trying to achieve?
    LightSquared aims to develop a comprehensive 4G LTE network for resale by other carriers.

  2. Why are AT&T and Verizon reportedly at odds with LightSquared?
    There are claims of unfair competition tactics and lobbying efforts against LightSquared by AT&T and Verizon.

  3. How has the GPS industry been impacted by this conflict?
    Concerns have been raised about potential interference between LightSquared’s spectrum and GPS operations used across various sectors like farming and aviation.

  4. What response did Falcone provide regarding the actions of AT&T lobbyists?
    Falcone suggested that an AT&T lobbyist was leading efforts against LightSquared within the GPS coalition.

  5. How have AT&T and Verizon responded to these allegations?
    Both companies denied any attempts to stifle competition from players like LightSquared through regulatory channels.

  6. What alternative plan did LightSquared propose?
    LightSquared offered an alternative spectrum usage plan addressing interference concerns raised by the GPS industry but faced resistance from stakeholders.

  7. What steps is LightSquared taking for approval of its spectrum usage?
    The company seeks FCC approval for its revised spectrum plan while partnering with Sprint Nextel for network hosting services.

8-9: Diversifying businesses internationally.
10-11: Economic outlook on investments
12: Impact on job creation

In summary, despite challenges faced by emerging players like Lightsquared in competitive markets, collaborative solutions involving key industry stakeholders can pave the way for innovation and sustainable growth opportunities in wireless technologies.