Orange recently unveiled its pricing plans for the iPhone 4, offering a range of contract options and pay-as-you-go prices. Let’s delve into the details below:


  1. What are the available contract lengths for Orange’s iPhone 4 plans?

    • Orange offers both eighteen and twenty-four-month contracts for their iPhone 4 plans.
  2. Is it possible to get the handset for free on a plan?

    • Yes, one of Orange’s plans allows customers to receive the iPhone 4 handset for free.
  3. How do Orange’s pay-as-you-go prices compare to buying unlocked phones from Apple?

    • Orange’s pay-as-you-go prices are generally cheaper than purchasing unlocked phones directly from Apple.
  4. Which other networks have also released their pricing for the iPhone?

    • Apart from Orange, Vodafone, O2, and Tesco Mobile have also revealed their pricing plans for the iPhone.
  5. Can customers buy an unlocked handset directly from Apple without a network contract?

    • Yes, Apple does offer unlocked handsets without SIM cards or network contracts on their website.
  6. When will customers who order through Apple’s website receive their phones?

    • Customers ordering through Apple can expect delivery by July 2nd following the June 24th release date.
  7. What features come with a £75 per month plan that offers a free 16GB iPhone 4 on a two-year commitment?

    • The plan includes unlimited texts and calls along with additional minutes and roaming data in Europe.
  8. What perks come with an eighteen-month contract at £75 per month?
    – Customers opting for this plan can get either a 16GB model for £100 or a larger capacity model (32GB) f0or £140 while enjoying substantial call and text allowances.

  9. Are there differences between messaging limits across various contract lengths offered by Orange?
    – Yes, there are variations in texting limitations; some offer capped rates while others provide unlimited messages.

10.Will tethering be allowed under these contracts?
– All tariffs include unlimited browsing within fair usage limits along with access to BT Openzone Wi-Fi; tethering packages begin at £5 monthly.

11.Can businesses also opt-in these price schemes provided by orange?
– Business-centric tariff options are available as well catering towards business needs.
12.How does Orange’s pay as you go phone prices compare against direct purchase from apple?
– We can now analyze comparative distinctions between locked PayG deals versus Sim-free purchases provided by apple.


Orange has introduced competitive pricing options for consumers interested in purchasing the popular iPhone 4 model back then when compared its competitors’ offerings like Vodafone or Tesco Mobile services had lured numerous users successfully alike.These flexible choices ranged across various durations including short term commitments such as eighteen months or standard two-year agreements were designed considering diverse customer preferences.The bonuses paired alongside basic tariffs aimed at enhancing user experience where unlimited browsing up till fair cap limitations merged seamlessly among additional features.Besides individual purchasers even Businesses could reap benefits leveraging bundled business-centric solutions catered precisely.Offerings didn’t stop merely at traditional contractual commitments but extended towards unlocking potentials within PAYG alternatives where substantial savings could be garnered over time period expenses.Designated figures elucidated clear contrasts standoffs positing unparalleled opportunities not just economically but functionality-wise upbeat too.In case intrigued further visit further insights might sway your decision-making.Feel convinced yet?, drop us comments down see if fellow phone enthusiasts resonate akin sentiments presented hereinabove this piece urging readers cognizant affirmations before venturing forth reconnect thereby reaping fulfilling experiences.#phonesavvy #enrichedelectronics #techdiscerners