Introducing the latest innovation in mobile technology, the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition offers a unique blend of style and performance. Recently unveiled through a collaboration between OnePlus and the renowned automotive company McLaren, this special edition smartphone boasts striking orange color accents that not only set it apart aesthetically but also signify its exceptional features.

With an impressive 10GB of RAM and the cutting-edge “Warp Charge 30” technology, the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition takes fast charging to new heights. Promising unparalleled convenience, Warp Charge delivers a substantial power boost with its 30 watts capability, allowing users to enjoy a full day’s use with just a quick 20-minute charge. This advancement builds upon OnePlus’ acclaimed “Dash Charge” technology found in previous models like the original 6T.

Curious about how Warp Charge stacks up against its predecessor, I conducted a thorough test by depleting both the standard 6T and the 6T McLaren Edition battery levels before rapidly recharging them using their respective charging accessories. The results were nothing short of impressive – within just twenty minutes, the McLaren Edition was already approaching half-full capacity. Let’s delve deeper into these intriguing findings regarding their charging speeds.When comparing the charging time between the OnePlus 6T and the 6T McLaren Edition, interesting findings emerge. The regular OnePlus 6T takes approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes to reach a full charge, which is commendable. However, opting for the McLaren Edition shaves off about 25 minutes from that time, providing a complete charge in just one hour.

One can’t overlook Dash Charge as a standout feature for OnePlus users due to its efficiency in powering up devices swiftly. While both models deliver impressive performance, choosing the McLaren Edition could be advantageous when time is of the essence.

As tech enthusiasts ourselves, we delved deeper by examining the benchmarks of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition to assess whether its increased RAM impacted processing capabilities significantly. Surprisingly, our tests revealed that despite the RAM enhancement, there was no substantial difference in performance compared to its counterpart. The numbers speak volumes and indicate closely matched outcomes across both devices.

Geekbench v.4.0 multi-core

When comparing the charging speed of the McLaren Edition to its counterparts, you can notice a noticeable increase in quickness. However, this doesn’t necessarily translate into a significant performance boost on paper, especially when considering the 10GB of RAM it offers.

It’s important to understand that while RAM does impact how efficiently your phone manages memory and handles multiple tasks, simply having more doesn’t always equate to better performance.

The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition has been released for sale in Western Europe and North America as of Thursday. Following this initial launch, it will become available in India, China, and select countries in Northern Europe thereafter. Pricing for this variant is set at $699 and £649 (or AU$973 converted from USD).

OnePlus & McLaren Collaboration: A New Era in Smartphone Innovation

In an exciting partnership, OnePlus and automotive giant McLaren have joined forces to unveil a special edition of the popular OnePlus 6T smartphone. This unique device showcases vibrant orange accents, both on the phone itself and its accompanying charging accessories. Boasting an impressive 10GB of RAM and a cutting-edge fast-charging technology known as “Warp Charge 30,” this collaboration promises to revolutionize the mobile experience for users.

The Warp Charge feature delivers a powerful 30 watts of charging capability, allowing the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition to provide a full day’s worth of battery life with just a quick 20-minute charge. This represents a significant advancement from OnePlus’ previous “Dash Charge” technology, which required 30 minutes to achieve the same result. While Dash Charge has been well-received among OnePlus users in the past, Warp Charge sets a new standard for rapid charging capabilities.

To put Warp Charge to the test, we conducted a side-by-side comparison between the standard OnePlus 6T and the McLaren Edition model. The results were clear – after just 20 minutes of charging, the McLaren Edition was already approaching 50% battery capacity. In total, it took approximately one hour for the McLaren Edition to reach full charge, compared to one hour and 25 minutes for its counterpart. This means that users can save valuable time by opting for the faster-charging capabilities offered by McLaren’s innovative technology.

Despite these impressive advancements in charging speed, our benchmark tests revealed that the additional RAM in the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition did not lead to substantial improvements in processing performance. However, it is important to note that RAM plays a crucial role in overall device functionality and multitasking efficiency. More RAM allows for smoother operation and enhanced performance across various tasks.

Available initially in Western Europe and North America before expanding to other regions such as India and China, The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is priced at $699 or £649 (approximately AU$973 converted from USD). With its striking design elements inspired by McLaren aesthetics and state-of-the-art technological features like Warp Charge integration,’ this limited-edition smartphone offers consumers an unparalleled mobile experience.


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