In the last year, Samsung phones have undergone significant changes both in terms of hardware and software. Samsung revamped its mobile interface, which sits on top of Google’s Android OS, to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. One of the notable updates is One UI 2, showcased by Samsung in October. This update focuses on enhancing user experience by improving reachability, adjusting icons placement, introducing dark mode for the lock and home screens, and reducing the size of notification windows on various Samsung devices including phones, wearables, tablets, and folding phones.


  1. What changes have Samsung phones seen in the past year?
    Samsung phones have undergone major transformations in terms of both hardware and software.

  2. What is One UI 2?
    One UI 2 is the latest version of Samsung’s software, designed to enhance user experience and minimize interruptions.

  3. What are some key features of One UI 2?
    Some key features include better reachability, rearrangement of icons, dark mode, and smaller notification windows.

  4. How does One UI 2 help users stay focused?
    One UI 2 aims to minimize distractions visually by shrinking down notification windows to only display essential information.

  5. How does One UI 2 improve navigation on larger-screen phones?
    It divides the screen into upper and lower areas, making it easier to navigate and interact with apps on larger devices.

  6. What improvements have been made to app folders in One UI 2?
    App folders now open lower on the screen for easier one-handed interaction.

  7. How has Samsung enhanced navigation with One UI 2?
    Navigation has been improved for one-handed use, with app folders opening lower on the screen for easier access.

  8. What is the new feature of “vivid moving icons” in One UI 2?
    The feature makes app icons more dynamic, with icons moving to provide real-time feedback on various activities.

  9. What is the difference between Night mode and Dark mode in One UI 2?
    Dark mode in One UI 2 changes white backgrounds to black and black text to white, optimizing the display for low-light environments.

  10. How does One UI 2 optimize display with dynamic wallpapers?
    One UI 2 analyzes wallpapers and adjusts text and overlay colors accordingly for better readability.

  11. Which devices are compatible with One UI 2?
    One UI 2 is designed for all current Galaxy devices and is optimized for various screen sizes, including the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Watch.

  12. Is One UI 2 available for beta testing on specific Samsung devices?
    The beta version of One UI 2 is available for Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus, with support for S10, S10 Plus, or S10 E depending on location and carrier.


Samsung has introduced significant updates to its phones in the past year. With the release of One UI 2, users can expect a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. The new features such as improved reachability, rearranged icons, dark mode, and smaller notification windows aim to enhance user focus and productivity. In addition, One UI 2 includes improvements in navigation, one-handed use, and dynamic visual elements like moving icons. With compatibility across various Galaxy devices and the availability of beta testing for select models, Samsung continues to prioritize user experience and innovation in its software updates. To experience the benefits of One UI 2 firsthand, users are encouraged to explore the latest features on their Samsung devices and provide feedback for further enhancements.