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  1. What are some concerns surrounding the proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger?
    Critics have raised valid points about potential monopolization, reduced customer choice, innovation stifling, and anticipated price hikes.

  2. How might AT&T’s acquisition impact T-Mobile’s smartphone lineup?
    There are fears that AT&T’s corporate culture could stifle T-Mobile’s daring approach to offering a diverse range of top-quality smartphones.

  3. Can you highlight some standout smartphones released by T-Mobile post-merger announcement?
    T-Mobile has rolled out impressive devices like LG G2x, HTC Sensation 4G, MyTouch 4G Slide 4G, Samsung Exhibit 4G, and Sidekick 4G within a short timeframe.

  4. What sets T-Mobile apart in terms of smartphone offerings compared to AT&T?
    T-Mobile has shown a willingness to take risks with unique features on devices while maintaining access to its speedy HSPA+ network.

  5. How has T-Mobile evolved its smartphone lineup over time in response to market trends?
    From initially lagging in innovative devices to becoming an Android trailblazer ahead of competitors like AT&T who joined the Android bandwagon later on.

  6. What was T-Mobile’s role in shaping HTC’s success as a handset manufacturer in the U.S.?
    T-Mobile played a pivotal role in propelling HTC into prominence by embracing their early handsets and driving subsequent successes like Dash, Wing series leading up to G1.

  7. *Is there concern that if the merger goes through between AT&T and T-mobile customers will lose device variety?”
    The consolidation may reduce options for consumers concerning available handsets.

8. What is HSPA+ network from t-mobile?
HSPA+, or Evolved High-Speed Packet Access

9* How does CNET rate smart phones provided by tmobile vs att?
Customers may appreciate higher scores awarded by CNET editors across various models offered by
tmobile compared more selective offerings drom att

10.What are key differences between USA major carriers regarding customer service experience.?’
The quality customer service varies depending wireless provider so when considering which carrier suits needs best be sure review ratings.’


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