When considering the recent release of the latest smartphone by Nothing, known as the Phone 1, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement surrounding its launch. This is especially true given the moderate price point of the device. However, there are several noteworthy aspects that contribute to the anticipation surrounding the Phone 1.


  1. What makes the Nothing Phone 1 unique?
    The Nothing Phone 1 stands out for being Carl Pei’s inaugural smartphone launch post his departure from OnePlus. It represents a significant milestone for Pei, who played a pivotal role in transforming OnePlus from a niche startup into a global player in the smartphone industry.

  2. How has the reception been for Nothing’s Ear 1 earbuds?
    Since its debut last August, Nothing has reported selling over half a million units of its Ear 1 earbuds. This success speaks to the brand’s ability to resonate with consumers in the tech market.

  3. Who are some notable backers of Nothing?
    Nothing has garnered support from prominent figures such as iPod co-inventor Tony Fadell, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and GV (formerly Google Ventures). These backers believe in Pei’s vision for creating innovative products under the Nothing brand.

  4. Where is the Nothing Phone 1 available for purchase?
    The Nothing Phone 1 was released for sale on July 12 and is set to launch globally in various markets, including the UK, Germany, India, and Hong Kong. However, there are currently no plans for a US release.

  5. How does the pricing of the Phone 1 compare to other smartphones on the market?
    The Nothing Phone 1 is priced competitively, starting at around $475 for the base model and going up to $590 for the higher-spec variant. This positions it against popular models like the iPhone SE 2022, Google Pixel 6, and Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

  6. What are the key features of the Nothing Phone 1?
    The Phone 1 boasts a 6.55-inch OLED display, a dual-camera setup, a capable processor, a large battery with wireless charging capabilities, and a unique transparent back panel that offers a glimpse into the device’s internals.

  7. What sets the Nothing Phone 1 apart in terms of design?
    The Phone 1 distinguishes itself through its transparent back panel and illuminated “glyph” interface, creating a visually appealing and interactive user experience. The design efforts of Nothing have been focused on creating a unique aesthetic for the device.

  8. Why did Nothing opt for the Snapdragon 778G Plus chipset over newer alternatives?
    Nothing chose the Snapdragon 778G Plus chipset for the Phone 1 due to its reliability and thermal efficiency. While not the latest processor available, it offers a balance of performance and stability for the device.

  9. How does the durability of the Nothing Phone 1 compare to other smartphones?
    The Phone 1 carries an IP53 rating, providing protection against dust and light splashes. While not fully waterproof like some competitors, it offers sufficient durability for everyday use.

  10. What unique feature does the Nothing Phone 1 offer on its back panel?
    The Phone 1’s back panel features a distinctive “glyph” interface that illuminates with LED lights, allowing for customizable notifications and visual cues.

  11. What trade-offs were made to maintain the affordability of the Phone 1?
    To keep the pricing competitive, Nothing had to make strategic decisions, such as opting for the Snapdragon 778G Plus chipset and compromising on certain features like water resistance.

  12. Where can I find a detailed comparison of the Nothing Phone 1 with other smartphones?
    For a comprehensive analysis of how the Nothing Phone 1 stacks up against its competitors, refer to CNET’s specs comparison chart for an in-depth evaluation.


The Nothing Phone 1 has generated significant buzz in the tech community, thanks to its intriguing features and competitive pricing. With a focus on design innovation and user experience, Nothing aims to carve its place in the smartphone market. While some trade-offs were necessary to maintain affordability, such as the choice of chipset and durability aspects, the Phone 1 offers a compelling option for consumers seeking a balance of style and performance. To learn more about the Nothing Phone 1 and explore its capabilities firsthand, visit the official website for additional insights and updates.