In a world where the latest and most cutting-edge technology often steals the spotlight, it’s refreshing to see the return of a classic. Enter the Nokia 3310, a beloved candy bar phone from yesteryears that has once again captured the hearts of many at the Mobile World Congress trade show. While modern Nokia releases were present at the event, it was the 3310 that stole the show, evoking a wave of nostalgia among attendees.

The resurgence of iconic products and shows from the past seems to be a trend on the rise, with the Nokia 3310 leading the pack. This blast from the past is not just a trip down memory lane but also a strategic move by HMD, the Finnish startup behind Nokia phones, to create a buzz around their brand. By leveraging the sentimental value associated with the 3310, HMD successfully drew attention to its revitalized Nokia devices.

Analysts like Ben Wood from CCS Insight recognize the marketing potential of this nostalgia-driven approach, emphasizing the importance of consumer awareness in a competitive market. However, as industry experts point out, there is a delicate balance between capitalizing on a renowned brand heritage and innovating for the future. Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer of HMD, remains optimistic about the Nokia brand’s evolution, seeing the new 3310 as a platform for engaging with consumers through social media initiatives.

With the revival of the Nokia 3310, AnyTimeSoftcare is not just revisiting a classic but also reinventing its brand narrative, blending cherished memories with modern strategies for success in the digital age.

Why the New 3310 Stands Out

The updated 3310 by HMD showcases a thoughtful redesign, featuring smoother curves and vibrant new color options while staying true to the essence of the classic candy bar phone.

During an interview in Barcelona, HMD CEO Arto Nummela expressed the company’s playful approach to reviving the iconic device: “We decided to go for it and inject some fun into the process.”

Exploring the Revamped Nokia 3310

Discover the new Nokia 3310, priced at 49 euros ($51.75). With an impressive 22 hours of talk time and a month of standby time, it offers enhanced capabilities compared to its predecessor. The device also includes Gameloft’s modernized version of the classic Snake game and retains the iconic Nokia ringtone.

Despite the shift towards more advanced smartphones, HMD believes the 3310 could appeal to a new audience in emerging markets where basic phones remain popular. This nostalgia-inducing device may serve as a backup phone for a “digital detox” during vacations, limiting access to work emails and offering a break from constant connectivity.

What’s in a name?

Explore how HMD’s revitalization of Nokia will be a fascinating litmus test for the enduring consumer appeal of the brand. Recent events in China offer promising insights into the brand’s potential resurgence. For instance, during the launch of the Nokia 6 in China, an impressive 1.3 million individuals expressed interest in the product within just four days.

The Nokia 3310 phone has made a significant comeback, capturing attention at the Mobile World Congress trade show. This throwback device, originally launched at the turn of the millennium, taps into a wave of nostalgia sweeping the tech world, where iconic products from the past are being resurrected. The revival of the Nokia 3310, alongside other blasts from the past like the Nintendo Classic and classic TV shows, underscores the powerful allure of familiar brands and designs.

HMD, the Finnish startup behind Nokia phones, cleverly leveraged the nostalgia surrounding the Nokia 3310 to generate buzz at the Mobile World Congress. By showcasing the updated version of this legendary phone, HMD effectively drew attention to its broader range of new Nokia devices. This strategic move not only rekindled consumer awareness of the Nokia brand but also highlighted HMD’s innovative approach to blending tradition with modernity.

Despite the enthusiasm for the revamped Nokia 3310, some experts caution against relying too heavily on past glory. Balancing the appeal of the old with the need for innovation is a delicate dance for HMD. Analysts raise valid concerns about ensuring that the Nokia brand evolves to meet current market demands while retaining its timeless appeal.

The new Nokia 3310, with its sleek design and vibrant colors, pays homage to its predecessor while incorporating modern features like an updated Snake game and extended battery life. Priced affordably and targeting emerging markets, the device aims to attract both long-time Nokia fans and new customers seeking simplicity and reliability in a digital age.

HMD’s bold revival of the Nokia brand reflects a broader trend in the industry, where established names are being rejuvenated to resonate with contemporary consumers. By blending legacy elements with fresh perspectives, HMD aims to position Nokia as a brand that bridges the past and the future, appealing to a diverse audience.

In conclusion, the reimagined Nokia 3310 serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of iconic brands and the art of reinvention in a rapidly changing market. As HMD continues to chart the course for Nokia’s resurgence, consumers can expect a blend of nostalgia, innovation, and forward-thinking approaches that honor the brand’s rich legacy while embracing new opportunities in the digital landscape. Visit our website to explore the latest Nokia offerings and stay updated on the brand’s exciting journey ahead.


  1. What made the Nokia 3310 stand out at the Mobile World Congress trade show?
    The Nokia 3310’s revival sparked immense interest, grabbing attention amidst the array of new smartphones showcased at the event.

  2. How does the new Nokia 3310 balance nostalgia with modern features?
    The updated Nokia 3310 retains its classic design elements while introducing contemporary upgrades like a refreshed Snake game and extended battery life.

  3. Why did HMD focus on reimagining the Nokia 3310 instead of launching entirely new devices?
    By leveraging the nostalgia surrounding the Nokia 3310, HMD effectively drew attention to its broader range of new Nokia smartphones.

  4. What target market is the new Nokia 3310 aimed at?
    The affordable price point and simplicity of the Nokia 3310 make it appealing to both long-time Nokia enthusiasts and customers in emerging markets.

  5. How does HMD plan to navigate the fine line between honoring the past and innovating for the future with the Nokia brand?
    HMD aims to strike a balance between preserving the legacy of Nokia and evolving the brand to meet current consumer needs and preferences.

  6. What role does the updated Nokia 3310 play in HMD’s overall strategy for the Nokia brand?
    The Nokia 3310 serves as a flagship product that showcases HMD’s ability to blend tradition with innovation and capture the essence of the Nokia brand.

  7. What are the key features of the new Nokia 3310 that differentiate it from its predecessor?
    The modernized Nokia 3310 boasts an updated design, vibrant colors, and enhanced functionalities like an extended battery life and reimagined classic games.

  8. How does the pricing strategy of the new Nokia 3310 reflect HMD’s market positioning for the device?
    HMD’s decision to price the Nokia 3310 affordably underscores its strategy to appeal to a wide range of consumers, including those in emerging markets.

  9. What consumer trends does the revival of the Nokia 3310 tap into?
    The resurgence of the Nokia 3310 aligns with the growing demand for nostalgic products and brands that offer a blend of familiarity and innovation.

  10. What sets HMD’s approach to reviving the Nokia brand apart from other companies’ strategies with legacy brands?
    HMD focuses on maintaining the core attributes and ethos of the Nokia brand while infusing it with contemporary elements and a forward-thinking vision.

  11. How does the reception of the new Nokia 3310 reflect consumer attitudes towards iconic brands in today’s market?
    The positive response to the Nokia 3310 demonstrates the enduring appeal of iconic brands and the importance of heritage and legacy in consumer choices.

  12. What can consumers expect from the future lineup of Nokia devices from HMD based on the success of the Nokia 3310 revival?
    Building on the momentum of the Nokia 3310, consumers can anticipate a range of innovative and exciting offerings from HMD that embody the unique spirit of the Nokia brand.


The resurgence of the Nokia 3310 at the Mobile World Congress trade show highlights the enduring allure of iconic brands and the nostalgia they evoke among consumers. HMD’s strategic revival of the Nokia brand reflects a delicate balance between honoring the legacy of the past and innovating for the future. By reinventing the Nokia 3310 with modern features while retaining its classic charm, HMD aims to attract a diverse audience ranging from long-time Nokia enthusiasts to new consumers in emerging markets.

The success of the Nokia 3310 revival underscores the potential for established brands to captivate contemporary audiences by blending tradition with innovation. As HMD continues to revitalize the Nokia brand, consumers can look forward to a compelling lineup of devices that embody the brand’s timeless appeal and forward-thinking approach. Visit our website to explore the latest Nokia offerings and join us on this exciting journey of rediscovering the magic of Nokia in the digital age.