At GSMA events, we have the privilege of witnessing a plethora of cutting-edge innovations. The international focus of the show, especially on Europe, introduces us to a diverse range of mobile devices that often surpass what we are accustomed to seeing locally. While these advancements may spark excitement, it’s essential to note that not all showcased devices may be readily available in North America, leaving us with a tinge of longing.

Let’s delve into the Nokia N96 as an exemplary illustration of technological evolution. Serving as a refined and robust successor to the already formidable Nokia N95, the N96 boasts an extensive array of features that cater to various mobile needs. Beyond its fundamental function of making calls, the N96 flaunts a 5-megapixel camera equipped with premium offerings that can rival standalone cameras. Featuring a Carl Zeiss lens, a flash, and a VGA camcorder capable of playing and recording clips at 30 frames per second, the N96 outshines its predecessor, the 5-megapixel Nokia 6220, also announced at the Barcelona event.

The N96 impresses with its substantial 16GB internal storage capacity and a microSD slot accommodating cards up to 2GB. Nokia promises a delightful video experience with the capacity to watch 40 hours of content using internal storage alone. However, it’s worth noting that extended video playback may necessitate intermittent battery recharges, as the device limits continuous viewing to 4 hours due to battery constraints.

Beyond its remarkable camera capabilities, the N96 encompasses a digital music player, a 3.5mm headset jack, an FM radio, podcast and Internet radio support, comprehensive messaging options, USB 2.0, stereo Bluetooth, and a GPS receiver with detailed maps and turn-by-turn voice guidance. While maintaining its predecessor’s slider design and dedicated music controls, the N96 distinguishes itself with a sleek black and silver aesthetic and cleaner lines. Despite being slightly larger and heavier than the N95, measuring 4.05 inches in height, 2.16 inches in width, and 0.71 inches in thickness, the N96 exudes a modern appeal.

Scheduled for release in the third quarter of the year, the N96 comes with a considerable price tag of 550 euros (approximately $780) without carrier subsidies, reflecting its premium positioning in the market. Its quadband GSM support and compatibility with both 900 and 2100 3G bands ensure global connectivity for users seeking a sophisticated mobile experience.


  1. What are some standout features of the Nokia N96?
    The Nokia N96 boasts a 5-megapixel camera with premium features, 16GB internal storage, microSD card support, and a comprehensive suite of multimedia capabilities.

  2. When is the expected release date for the Nokia N96?
    The Nokia N96 is set to be released in the third quarter of the year.

  3. What is the pricing of the Nokia N96?
    The Nokia N96 is priced at 550 euros (about $780) without carrier subsidies.

  4. What connectivity options does the Nokia N96 offer?
    The Nokia N96 is quadband (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) and supports both the 900 and 2100 3G bands.

  5. How does the Nokia N96 compare to its predecessor, the Nokia N95?
    The Nokia N96 serves as a more advanced and feature-rich successor to the Nokia N95, offering enhanced capabilities in various aspects.

  6. What are the key design elements of the Nokia N96?
    The Nokia N96 features a sleek black and silver design with cleaner lines, retaining the slider design and dedicated music controls from its predecessor.

  7. What is the video playback capacity of the Nokia N96?
    Users can watch up to 40 hours of video using the internal storage alone, with a limit of 4 hours of continuous playback due to battery considerations.

  8. Does the Nokia N96 support expandable storage?
    Yes, the Nokia N96 comes with a microSD slot that can accommodate cards up to 2GB in addition to its 16GB internal storage.

  9. What camera features does the Nokia N96 offer?
    The Nokia N96 includes a 5-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, flash, and VGA camcorder capabilities for high-quality imaging and video recording.

  10. How does the Nokia N96 cater to music enthusiasts?
    The Nokia N96 features a digital music player, a 3.5mm headset jack, FM radio, and support for podcasts and Internet radio for an immersive music experience.

  11. What are the messaging capabilities of the Nokia N96?
    Users can enjoy e-mail, text, and multimedia messaging features on the Nokia N96 for seamless communication.

  12. What is the battery life of the Nokia N96 during video playback?
    The Nokia N96 offers up to 4 hours of continuous video playback, requiring intermittent charging for extended viewing sessions.


The Nokia N96 emerges as a sophisticated mobile device that combines advanced technology with a sleek design aesthetic. With a focus on elevating the user experience, the N96 offers a comprehensive range of features, including a high-quality camera, extensive storage options, multimedia capabilities, and global connectivity support. Despite its premium pricing and considerations around battery life for prolonged video playback, the Nokia N96 presents a compelling option for users seeking a versatile and feature-rich mobile companion. Explore the possibilities with the Nokia N96 and embark on a journey of mobile innovation.