Nokia’s New Navigation Service: Transforming Mobile Navigation Experience

Nokia has announced the exciting move of making its navigation service free for all GPS-enabled Nokia devices. This strategic decision is aimed at enhancing Nokia’s competitive position in the smartphone market, especially against key players like Apple and Google.


  1. What is Nokia’s latest offering for its GPS-enabled devices?

    • Nokia is now providing its navigation service for free on all GPS-enabled Nokia devices.
  2. How long has Nokia been offering maps and navigation services?

    • Nokia has been offering maps and navigation services for more than two years, continually enhancing the offering since its acquisition of Navteq in 2007.
  3. What additional features are now included in the free navigation service?

    • Users can now access turn-by-turn navigation and city guides for free, which were previously premium features.
  4. Which Nokia phones will initially have access to the free navigation service?

    • Initially, the service will be available for 10 Nokia phones, including the Nokia N97 mini, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, and Nokia E72.
  5. How does Nokia aim to impact the mobile navigation market?

    • Nokia aims to significantly increase the adoption of mobile navigation by offering a seamless and out-of-the-box experience to consumers.
  6. How does Nokia’s mapping and navigation service compare to competitors like Google?

    • Nokia’s Ovi Maps service offers navigation in 74 countries in 46 languages, with additional features like traffic information and detailed maps for over 180 countries.
  7. What sets Nokia’s mapping technology apart from others?

    • Nokia utilizes a hybrid vectorizing mapping method that significantly reduces bandwidth consumption compared to competitors like Google, making it more efficient for wireless operators.
  8. How does Nokia plan to strengthen its presence in the U.S. market?

    • Nokia intends to collaborate with wireless carriers in the U.S. to offer its devices and services, leveraging the appeal of its free mapping and navigation services.
  9. What potential benefits do consumers have from Nokia’s free navigation service?

    • Consumers can enjoy advanced navigation features without additional costs, making Nokia devices an attractive choice even without subsidies.
  10. How does Nokia’s partnership with Lonely Planet add value to its navigation service?

    • Nokia offers free access to Lonely Planet Travel guides, enhancing the overall user experience.
  11. How does Nokia plan to market its Ovi Maps and Navigation services?

    • Nokia anticipates investing in marketing efforts to raise awareness and promote its navigation services to the mass market.
  12. What are Nokia’s future strategies for expanding its navigation services globally?

    • Nokia plans to continue direct sales to consumers while focusing on partnerships with wireless carriers to broaden its market reach.


Nokia’s decision to offer its navigation service for free on GPS-enabled devices marks a significant milestone in the mobile navigation industry. By providing advanced features like turn-by-turn navigation, city guides, and access to Lonely Planet Travel guides at no cost, Nokia is poised to revolutionize the mobile navigation experience for millions of users worldwide.

The company’s emphasis on efficiency, with its bandwidth-saving mapping technology, not only benefits consumers but also appeals to wireless operators. Nokia’s strategy to collaborate with carriers in the competitive U.S. market underscores its commitment to expanding its market presence and engaging a broader consumer base.

As Nokia continues to innovate and enhance its navigation services, the brand aims to establish itself as a key player in the global mobile navigation market. With a focus on user experience, efficiency, and strategic partnerships, Nokia is set to redefine the way consumers navigate the world with their mobile devices.

For those interested in exploring Nokia’s free navigation service and experiencing seamless navigation on their Nokia devices, visit the company’s website for more information and updates.