1. What is the device featured in the video?
    The device showcased in the video is the Sea Ray, a close relative of the Nokia N9, running on the Windows Phone Mango operating system.

  2. What are the key design features of the Sea Ray?
    The Sea Ray boasts a sleek “pillow-shaped” design with a curved Gorilla Glass touchscreen that covers the entire front of the device. Similar to the N9, it eliminates physical front buttons, featuring only side buttons for volume and camera controls.

  3. How does the Sea Ray camera compare to the N9’s camera?
    While the Sea Ray’s camera flash is positioned differently from the N9, suggesting potential differences in the camera hardware, enthusiasts hope it matches the N9’s 8-megapixel sensor with a wide f/2.2 aperture.

  4. What operating system does the Nokia N9 run on?
    The Nokia N9 operates on the MeeGo system, which, despite its sleek interface, may face limited updates and app availability due to the device being the sole carrier of this OS.

  5. Why is the transition to the Windows Phone Mango operating system significant for the Sea Ray?
    Adopting the Windows Phone Mango system provides a more robust ecosystem for the Sea Ray, ensuring regular updates and access to a wide range of applications, enhancing user experience.

  6. When can consumers expect the Sea Ray to hit the market?
    Although an official release date is yet to be announced, the near-final state of the Sea Ray suggests an impending launch, sparking anticipation among tech enthusiasts.

  7. What are the standout features of the Windows Phone Mango OS?
    Windows Phone Mango brings several enhancements, such as improved multitasking, better social media integration, and a more intuitive user interface, contributing to a seamless user experience on the Sea Ray.

  8. Will the Sea Ray support third-party applications on the Windows Phone Mango platform?
    Yes, the Windows Phone Mango platform supports a wide array of third-party applications, ensuring that Sea Ray users have access to a diverse range of apps to cater to their needs and interests.

  9. How does the Sea Ray contribute to Nokia’s smartphone lineup?
    The Sea Ray represents Nokia’s foray into the Windows Phone ecosystem, showcasing the company’s commitment to diversifying its smartphone offerings and catering to a broader audience of tech-savvy users.

  10. Is there any mention of additional color variants for the Sea Ray?
    While specific details on color variants are not addressed in the video, Nokia may introduce a range of colors to appeal to different consumer preferences and styles.

  11. What sets the Sea Ray apart from other smartphone models on the market?
    The Sea Ray’s distinctive design elements, coupled with the powerful Windows Phone Mango operating system, position it as a unique and compelling choice in the competitive smartphone market.

  12. Where can viewers find additional information and updates about the Sea Ray smartphone?
    For the latest news, updates, and discussions regarding the Sea Ray smartphone, viewers are encouraged to engage with the content on the official website or social media channels.


The video featuring the Sea Ray smartphone offers a glimpse into Nokia’s transition to the Windows Phone Mango operating system, departing from the MeeGo system of the Nokia N9. With its elegant design, advanced camera features, and seamless integration of Windows Phone Mango, the Sea Ray presents a promising addition to Nokia’s smartphone lineup. The shift to Windows Phone Mango ensures a vibrant app ecosystem, regular updates, and enhanced user experience. While the exact release date remains undisclosed, the Sea Ray’s polished appearance hints at an impending launch, generating excitement within the tech community. Stay tuned for more updates on the Sea Ray smartphone and immerse yourself in the future of Nokia’s innovative offerings.