Introducing the latest buzz in the tech world, AnyTimeSoftcare subtly makes a mark at T-Mobile with the Nokia Lumia 710. Despite being overshadowed by its more prominent counterparts, the Lumia 710 has quietly captured the attention of T-Mobile USA customers. Surprisingly, this device has found a decent following on T-Mobile’s online platform and other popular sites like Amazon and Wirefly, impressing many users.

What sets the Lumia 710 apart is not just its top-tier specs or cutting-edge technology, but its affordability and value for money. Priced attractively and offering great features, it has swayed consumers from the usual Android smartphone choices. Originally priced at $49.99, the Lumia 710 is now available for free with a service plan, prompting basic phone users to make the leap to a smartphone.

Analysts, like Christopher Collins from Compete, suggest that for newcomers in the smartphone arena looking for a change from the iOS or Android norm, the Lumia 710 offers a compelling alternative. This success story is not only crucial for Nokia’s revival but also for Microsoft’s aspiration to reclaim a strong foothold in the mobile industry. As the flagship Nokia Windows Phone in the U.S., the Lumia 710 bears the responsibility of leaving a lasting impact.

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Both T-Mobile and Nokia have expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Lumia 710, although specific sales figures were not disclosed.

According to Cara Walker, a spokesperson for T-Mobile, the Lumia 710 has consistently ranked among the most popular phones in T-Mobile’s lineup since its launch. The positive reception among customers has been well-received by the company.

Similarly, Nokia’s spokesman, Keith Nowak, shared his contentment with the early success of the Lumia offerings in the U.S. market. While Nokia still has ground to cover in the competitive U.S. market, the initial response from customers has been promising.

Despite facing tough competition from Android smartphones, Nokia has received support from T-Mobile, with AT&T being another carrier showing interest. The Lumia 710 marks Nokia’s initial foray into the U.S. smartphone market, representing a significant milestone for the company.

Positive Indicators

Although specific results have not been disclosed, various indicators point towards healthy sales following the January launch of the Lumia 710. Compete reports that the Lumia 710 ranks among the top five phones in online orders at T-Mobile. In the first full month of sales in February, it ranked high in online shopping carts, trailing only the Samsung Galaxy S II and T-Mobile G2X.

Online sales of the Lumia 710 are indicative of its performance in retail stores, reflecting its success. The phone has also garnered positive attention on websites like Amazon and Wirefly, further solidifying its position in the market.

Analysts acknowledge the Lumia 710’s impressive performance considering the market dominance of Android and the limited brand recognition of Nokia and Windows Phone. Industry insiders view the Lumia 710 as a valuable alternative to existing smartphone platforms, offering consumers a diverse range of choices beyond iOS and Android.

T-Mobile’s commitment to promoting the device has been evident, with significant in-store placements and promotional efforts during key periods like Valentine’s Day. Sales representatives have actively recommended the Lumia 710 to customers, signaling a shift from previous Windows Phone initiatives.

The distinctive features of Windows Phone have helped the Lumia 710 differentiate itself in a crowded market dominated by Android and BlackBerry devices at T-Mobile.

Market Dynamics

Nokia’s introduction of the Lumia series included the higher-end Lumia 800 and the more accessible Lumia 710. While initial attention gravitated towards the Lumia 800, the Lumia 710 has gained traction, particularly at T-Mobile.

In the UK, sales of the Lumia phones have surpassed devices using the older Symbian platform, indicating progress for Nokia in the smartphone market. As Nokia gears up to launch the Lumia 900 with AT&T, the Lumia 710 faces a limited window as the sole Nokia Windows Phone in the U.S.

Industry experts anticipate a shift in consumer interest once the Lumia 900 enters the market, but the Lumia 710’s strong performance thus far showcases a promising debut for Nokia.

Nokia’s Lumia 710, while not grabbing headlines like its more high-profile counterparts, has been quietly making strides at T-Mobile USA. The device has managed to carve out a niche for itself, garnering attention on T-Mobile’s online platform and receiving positive rankings from customers on sites like Amazon and Wirefly.

Unlike relying solely on cutting-edge specifications or the latest network technology, the Lumia 710 has found success in its affordability and value proposition. Priced attractively and offering a great user experience for its cost, it has enticed consumers to consider a departure from the popular Android smartphone ecosystem. This strategy has not only attracted new smartphone users but also prompted existing basic phone users to upgrade to a smartphone, supporting T-Mobile’s efforts to enhance its market presence post the failed AT&T merger.

The Lumia 710’s journey in the U.S. market is crucial for both Nokia’s revitalization and Microsoft’s ambition to regain prominence in the mobile industry. Being Nokia’s first Windows Phone introduction in the U.S., the Lumia 710 carries the weight of making a strong initial impression.


  1. What sets the Lumia 710 apart from its competitors?

    • The Lumia 710 stands out for its affordability and value proposition, offering a compelling choice for consumers looking beyond the traditional Android smartphone market.
  2. How has the Lumia 710 performed at T-Mobile?

    • The device has gained traction at T-Mobile, with positive rankings on the carrier’s online store and recognition from customers on platforms like Amazon and Wirefly.
  3. What factors have contributed to the Lumia 710’s success?

    • The Lumia 710’s success can be attributed to its attractive price point, which has effectively attracted customers seeking a cost-effective smartphone option without compromising on quality.
  4. How does the Lumia 710 impact Nokia’s comeback?

    • The Lumia 710 plays a significant role in Nokia’s resurgence efforts, serving as a pivotal product in the company’s strategy to regain market share and relevance in the competitive U.S. mobile market.
  5. What significance does the Lumia 710 hold for Microsoft?

    • As Microsoft aims to regain prominence in the mobile industry, the success of the Lumia 710 is critical in bolstering the adoption of Windows Phone and strengthening Microsoft’s position in the market.
  6. How have customers responded to the Lumia 710?

    • Customers have shown a positive reception to the Lumia 710, with its affordability and performance resonating well among users seeking a reliable smartphone option.
  7. What role does T-Mobile play in the Lumia 710’s success?

    • T-Mobile’s support and promotion of the Lumia 710 have been instrumental in driving its sales and visibility in the market, showcasing the carrier’s commitment to offering diverse smartphone options to consumers.
  8. How does the Lumia 710 compare to other smartphones in its price range?

    • The Lumia 710 competes favorably with other smartphones in its price range, offering a compelling mix of features, performance, and affordability that appeal to budget-conscious consumers.
  9. What challenges does Nokia face with the Lumia 710 in the U.S. market?

    • Despite its positive reception, Nokia still faces challenges in establishing a strong foothold in the highly competitive U.S. market, particularly amidst the dominance of Android smartphones.
  10. How has the Lumia 710 performed in online sales?

    • The Lumia 710 has shown promising performance in online sales, with strong rankings on T-Mobile, Amazon, and Wirefly platforms, indicating growing interest and adoption among consumers.
  11. What upcoming Nokia device may impact the Lumia 710’s sales?

    • The upcoming 4G LTE-enabled Lumia 900 with AT&T may influence the Lumia 710’s sales trajectory, potentially shifting consumer interest towards newer Nokia offerings in the market.
  12. What makes the Lumia 710 a compelling choice for consumers?

    • The Lumia 710’s blend of affordability, performance, and unique user experience sets it apart as a viable alternative for consumers seeking a reliable smartphone option that delivers value for money.


The Lumia 710 by Nokia has quietly made a name for itself in the U.S. market, thanks to its affordability, value proposition, and solid performance. Positioned as a compelling alternative to mainstream Android smartphones, the Lumia 710 has garnered positive attention from consumers and industry analysts alike. As Nokia’s inaugural Windows Phone in the U.S., the Lumia 710 signifies a crucial step in the company’s resurgence efforts and Microsoft’s ambitions in the mobile industry. With T-Mobile’s support and a growing online presence, the Lumia 710 showcases the potential for diverse smartphone offerings in a market dominated by a few key players. For consumers looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable smartphone option, the Lumia 710 presents a compelling choice that delivers on both performance and affordability. To explore the Lumia 710 further and experience its value firsthand, visit our website for more information and discover how this device can elevate your mobile experience.