With the Nokia N8 making waves in the smartphone market, there have been significant developments in contract pricing from major providers. Let’s explore some key updates regarding tariff reductions and enticing offers available for potential buyers.


  1. What are some of the latest contract deals for the Nokia N8?

    • Recent deals include a free Nokia N8 on a £25 per month contract for 2 years from Vodafone and Orange through Phones4u.
  2. How do the current tariffs compare to the initial offers?

    • Initially, the phone was only available for free on higher-priced contracts. Now, there are more affordable options with slightly reduced benefits.
  3. Which providers are offering these deals?

    • Vodafone and Orange are currently providing these revised contract options, with Phones4u facilitating online purchases.
  4. What are the specific benefits included in these contracts?

    • Benefits vary but generally include a combination of minutes, texts, and data allowances, with some providers offering additional perks like unlimited calls or emails.
  5. Are all network providers offering similar deals?

    • While Vodafone and Orange have adjusted their pricing, T-Mobile and O2 are also expected to feature the Nokia N8, albeit at different price points.
  6. When can customers expect to receive the Nokia N8?

    • Vodafone has a scheduled delivery date of October 22 for pre-orders, indicating a high demand for the device.
  7. What factors may have influenced these pricing changes?

    • Speculation suggests a surge in demand and competitive pressure among providers as they strive to attract customers with appealing contract terms.
  8. Should potential buyers consider these revised offers?

    • Individuals seeking a cost-effective means of owning the Nokia N8 may find these new tariffs enticing, albeit with a commitment to a longer contract period.
  9. How have reviews impacted the pricing strategy?

    • While reviews may have influenced providers to reconsider their pricing, the focus remains on consumer preferences and value propositions.
  10. What considerations should buyers weigh before committing to a contract?

    • Factors such as overall cost, included benefits, and personal preferences should be evaluated to determine if the Nokia N8 and its associated contract are the right fit.
  11. Will these pricing adjustments impact the smartphone market?

    • Pricing changes for the Nokia N8 could potentially influence consumer behavior and competition among network providers in the smartphone industry.
  12. How can customers make informed decisions about purchasing the Nokia N8?

    • By comparing contract terms, assessing individual needs, and considering long-term implications, buyers can make a well-informed choice regarding the Nokia N8.


The Nokia N8 has garnered attention with recent contract price reductions from leading providers like Vodafone and Orange. These revised tariffs offer consumers more affordable options to acquire the smartphone, albeit with certain adjustments in benefits. As the market responds to consumer demand and competition, buyers are presented with enticing offers requiring careful consideration before making a commitment. With a focus on value and long-term satisfaction, individuals interested in the Nokia N8 can explore these new contract deals to determine the best fit for their mobile needs.

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