Are you one of the many excited new owners of the iPhone 12 from AnyTimeSoftcare? If so, you might have noticed the absence of a charger in the box. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some great charging alternatives for your new device.

The latest iPhone 12 models come with exciting new features, such as ceramic screen protection and advanced cameras. However, Apple has decided to omit the EarPod headphones and AC power adapter that used to be standard accessories. This move is part of Apple’s environmental strategy, which was initially signaled when they removed chargers from the Apple Watch Series 6.

One key issue you might encounter is the compatibility of the USB-C cable included with the iPhone 12 models with your existing USB-A chargers. While the USB-C technology offers faster charging speeds and enhanced compatibility with modern devices, many users still rely on older USB-A chargers.

If you find yourself in this situation, there’s good news and bad news. Your current chargers will still work with the iPhone 12, albeit not at optimal speeds. If you’re considering embracing the USB-C era for faster charging, investing in new charging stations may be necessary. The good news is that you can achieve fast charging speeds without breaking the bank, as affordable options are available for around $10 to $15.

So, before you dive into using your new iPhone 12, assess your charging setup, and ensure you’re ready to power up your device efficiently.

Free Option: Your Existing Lightning Cable or Wireless Charger

For convenience, you can use your current Lightning cable or wireless charger with the iPhone 12 models. Whether it’s a traditional USB-A model or a Qi wireless charger, your existing ones should work just fine. While it may not charge at its fastest speed without USB-C or MagSafe, the iPhone 12 specifications indicate that using a 20-watt or higher USB-C adapter can achieve a 50% charge in 30 minutes. This adaptability ensures compatibility with charging methods from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 11 models. This ease of use highlights the versatility of the iPhone 12 in adapting to various charging setups.

Benefits of Using Your Existing Cables and Chargers:
Cost-effective solution for charging your iPhone 12 models.
Maximizes the utility of your current charging accessories.
Ensures seamless integration with your existing setup.

By leveraging your current cables and chargers, you not only save on additional expenses but also maintain a familiar charging routine. This flexibility is a testament to the iPhone 12’s user-friendly design, allowing for a smooth transition and reliable charging experience.

Upgrade option 1: A new USB-C charger

With the introduction of the latest iPhones, Apple quietly unveiled a new $19 20-watt USB-C power adapter. While this option may seem appealing, you might be exploring alternatives before investing in this accessory. Instead of allocating more funds to a leading technology giant, there are other cost-effective yet reliable options available in the market. Consider exploring our curated selection of affordable chargers, some priced under $10, readily accessible on popular online platforms like Amazon.

When choosing a charger, prioritize versatility and efficiency. Opt for a model equipped with both USB-C and USB-A ports, offering enhanced compatibility with a wide range of devices. Selecting a charger with higher wattage capacity ensures the ability to power various gadgets, excluding laptops. For instance, the Aukey charger boasts ample power to charge your iPhone, Nintendo Switch, or wireless headphones simultaneously. Similarly, dual-port chargers from RAV Power present reliable alternatives, often priced between $9 and $16 on Amazon, providing flexibility in your selection process.

Upgrade option 2: A budget-friendly wireless charging alternative

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series introduces MagSafe, a standout feature. Unlike the traditional MacBook charger, MagSafe offers an upgraded contactless charging experience that allows new iPhones to securely attach to compatible chargers, providing added flexibility, especially with cases. However, the variety of new MagSafe accessories, both from Apple and upcoming third-party brands, come at a premium, with prices starting at $39 and increasing.

If you are looking for a more economical alternative, you can opt to continue using existing contactless chargers that are Qi standard-compliant. While these may have a lower 7.5-watt charging capacity compared to MagSafe’s 15 watts, it suffices for basic charging needs such as overnight or desk charging. If you are considering a new wireless charger, the Anker model stands out as a reliable choice. The upright design of this charger eliminates the alignment issues often experienced with flat chargers. Priced under $20, this model delivers a maximum power of 5 watts. It’s worth noting that, unlike some other products, a power adapter is not included in the package. However, if you have older adapters or USB-equipped power strips, they can serve as a suitable power source.

For those seeking a higher charging capacity, Anker offers a 7.5-watt version priced around $30. Alternatively, if you prefer a wireless charger that comes with a power adapter included, the RAVPower lay-flat model is available on Amazon for under $18.

Brand Model Price
Anker Upright Wireless Charger Under $20
Anker 7.5-Watt Wireless Charger Around $30
RAVPower Lay-Flat Wireless Charger Under $18


  1. What accessories are missing from the iPhone 12 box?

    • The iPhone 12 models do not include EarPod headphones and an AC power adapter. This eco-friendly approach is in line with Apple’s strategy to reduce electronic waste.
  2. What is the issue with the USB-C cable included with iPhone 12 models?

    • The USB-C cable included may not be compatible with older USB-A chargers that many users currently own.
  3. What comes in the box with the iPhone 12 besides the device itself?

    • Apart from the iPhone 12, the box includes a USB-C to Lightning cable, emphasizing the shift towards USB-C technology.
  4. How can existing charging cables still be used with the iPhone 12?

    • Existing Lightning cables and chargers, including USB-A models, are still compatible with the iPhone 12 but may not provide the fastest charging speeds.
  5. Can wireless chargers be used with the iPhone 12 models?

    • Yes, any existing Qi wireless charger can be used with the iPhone 12, although it may not charge at maximum speed without a 20-watt or higher USB-C adapter.
  6. What is the recommended affordable upgrade for a charger for the iPhone 12?

    • Consider purchasing a dual-port USB-C charger with higher wattage, such as models from Aukey or RAV Power, available for under $16 on Amazon.
  7. What is MagSafe charging for the iPhone 12, and how does it differ from Qi wireless charging?

    • MagSafe is a contactless charging feature that offers secure attachment to compatible chargers, providing more flexibility with cases compared to traditional Qi wireless charging.
  8. How much do MagSafe accessories typically cost, and what is a budget-friendly alternative?

    • Official MagSafe accessories can start at $39, but existing Qi wireless chargers such as the Anker model can be purchased for under $20, providing a practical and more affordable solution.
  9. Is it necessary to purchase an additional dongle for charging with USB-A ports?

    • While not essential, a USB-A to USB-C dongle can be used to adapt older chargers or laptop ports for USB-C charging, offering a cost-effective alternative.
  10. How can users ensure faster charging speeds for their iPhone 12?

    • To achieve faster charging speeds, consider investing in a 20-watt or higher USB-C adapter recommended for the iPhone 12 models.
  11. Are there reliable third-party charger options available for the iPhone 12?

    • Yes, there are various third-party charger options like Aukey and RAV Power that offer affordable and efficient charging solutions for the iPhone 12.
  12. How can users make the transition to USB-C charging more cost-effective?

    • Users can explore budget-friendly USB-C chargers and wireless chargers as alternatives to official Apple accessories, providing efficient charging solutions at a lower cost.


The iPhone 12 series introduces a shift in the accessories included in the box, omitting the EarPod headphones and AC power adapter to support Apple’s environmental initiatives. While the provided USB-C to Lightning cable allows for charging, users with existing USB-A chargers may face compatibility issues. Fortunately, there are practical solutions available, such as using existing Lightning cables, investing in budget-friendly USB-C chargers from reputable brands like Aukey and RAV Power, or opting for wireless chargers compatible with Qi standards. By understanding these options, users can effectively adapt to the evolving charging requirements of the latest iPhone models without compromising on convenience or affordability. Visit our website for more information on optimizing your charging setup for the iPhone 12 and explore a range of reliable and cost-effective charging solutions to enhance your device experience.