Vice President of Enterprise Solutions Ernie Cormier shared that the company has recently finalized a partnership with RadioFrame Networks, a company specializing in equipment designed to improve cellular coverage within buildings. This collaboration also opens up opportunities for Nextel to provide wireless Internet services through 802.11b technology. This technology facilitates fast internet access across indoor spaces, catering especially to larger corporations with multi-building setups.

Nextel is poised to potentially become the second wireless carrier to offer wireless Internet services using 802.11b, a standard protocol for wireless communications. Companies like Voicestream and Sprint have also made strides in this area in the recent past, indicating a growing trend in the industry. Market analysts predict that the competitive landscape will drive more carriers to explore and offer similar services in the coming years.

Alan Nogee, an analyst at Cahners In-Stat Group, emphasized the importance of carriers controlling 802.11b technology, foreseeing a rising demand for faster internet speeds in various public venues like convention centers. Despite its popularity in places like airports and hotels, 802.11b does have vulnerabilities, including security risks and limited signal range.

Cormier acknowledged the security concerns associated with 802.11b networks and assured that the company is actively working on enhancing network security measures to safeguard against potential risks. With information transmitted openly over the airwaves, there is a possibility of interception by malicious entities. However, Cormier reassured stakeholders that addressing these challenges is a top priority for the company.

In another recent development, Nokia announced its plans to introduce a modem for laptops capable of accessing both 802.11b networks and cellular networks like AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless using General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) technology. This move signifies the growing integration of different network technologies to provide users with more versatile connectivity options.


  1. What is the significance of the partnership between the company and RadioFrame Networks?
  • The partnership aims to enhance cellular coverage within buildings and explore opportunities for providing wireless Internet services using 802.11b technology.
  1. Which segment of the market is Nextel targeting with its wireless Internet services?
  • Nextel is focusing on large corporations with multi-building campuses for its wireless Internet services.
  1. What makes 802.11b technology appealing for indoor spaces?
  • 802.11b technology enables fast internet access across indoor areas, making it suitable for locations like convention centers and office complexes.
  1. How does 802.11b compare to other wireless communication standards?
  • 802.11b is a standard protocol for wireless communications, offering competitive advantages in terms of speed and connectivity.
  1. What security concerns are associated with 802.11b networks?
  • 802.11b networks face security challenges due to data transmission over open airwaves, potentially susceptible to interception by unauthorized users.
  1. How is the company addressing security issues related to 802.11b networks?
  • The company is actively working on strengthening network security measures to mitigate risks associated with 802.11b networks.
  1. What role do market analysts see carriers playing in the 802.11b landscape?
  • Market analysts predict that carriers controlling 802.11b technology will lead to the provision of faster and more reliable internet services in public venues.
  1. Which other wireless carriers have ventured into offering wireless Internet services using 802.11b technology?
  • Voicestream and Sprint are among the wireless carriers that have made advancements in providing wireless Internet services via 802.11b technology.
  1. What potential benefits does 802.11b technology offer for businesses?
  • 802.11b technology provides businesses with fast and efficient internet connectivity, particularly beneficial for large enterprises with complex infrastructure.
  1. How is Nokia contributing to the integration of different network technologies?
  • Nokia is introducing a modem for laptops that can access both 802.11b networks and cellular networks like AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless, enhancing connectivity options for users.
  1. What limitations does 802.11b technology have in terms of signal range?
  • 802.11b technology has a limited signal range of around 100 yards at a time, which may pose challenges in larger environments.
  1. How do hackers exploit vulnerabilities in 802.11b networks?
  • Hackers can intercept data transmitted over 802.11b networks due to its open nature, potentially gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information. Strengthening network security is crucial to prevent such breaches.


The collaboration between the company and RadioFrame Networks marks a significant milestone in improving cellular coverage within buildings and expanding wireless Internet services using 802.11b technology. As Nextel targets large corporations with its offerings, the industry witnesses a growing trend towards wireless Internet services facilitated by carriers like Voicestream and Sprint. Despite the security challenges associated with 802.11b networks, efforts are underway to enhance network security and address vulnerabilities.

Market analysts foresee carriers playing a pivotal role in driving the adoption of 802.11b technology, catering to the rising demand for faster internet speeds in public venues. With Nokia’s initiative to integrate different network technologies through a versatile modem for laptops, users can expect enhanced connectivity options bridging 802.11b networks and cellular networks seamlessly. As businesses leverage 802.11b technology for efficient connectivity, prioritizing network security remains crucial to safeguard against potential cybersecurity threats.

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