NetScreen Technologies, a company specializing in network security systems and appliances, recently reported earnings of one cent per share in the first fiscal quarter, excluding charges associated with its recent initial public offering. This achievement is significant, particularly in a climate where profitable tech companies, especially smaller ones, have been scarce due to the economic downturn. It’s noteworthy that NetScreen chose to delay its IPO until it could demonstrate profitability, illustrating the stringent criteria set by Wall Street for new tech ventures.


  1. Why did NetScreen delay its initial public offering until its first profitable quarter?

    • NetScreen delayed its IPO to showcase profitability, aligning with investors’ expectations for tech companies going public.
  2. What contributed to NetScreen’s success in the stock market debut?

    • NetScreen’s IPO coincided with a peak in interest for security stocks, leading to a significant first-day gain.
  3. How does NetScreen’s CEO approach investor expectations?

    • NetScreen’s CEO emphasizes honesty, conservative forecasts, and a long-term perspective to manage stock valuation.
  4. How does NetScreen’s revenue growth compare to industry standards?

    • NetScreen has demonstrated impressive revenue growth, with analysts projecting continued success in the market.
  5. What sets NetScreen apart in the network security industry?

    • NetScreen focuses on providing high-end appliances for network security, emphasizing internal barriers and virtual private networks.
  6. How has NetScreen managed its financial strategies compared to other tech companies?

    • NetScreen has adopted a restrained approach to fundraising and financial planning, prioritizing profitability and long-term stability.
  7. Can NetScreen withstand economic challenges in the industry?

    • While NetScreen faces competition from larger rivals, its focus on product strength and market positioning enhances its resilience.
  8. What are analysts’ perspectives on NetScreen’s performance in the market?

    • Analysts have expressed confidence in NetScreen’s ability to thrive, citing its success in a challenging economic environment.
  9. How does NetScreen differentiate itself from competitors in customer acquisitions?

    • NetScreen’s success lies in new customer deployments rather than displacing competitors, highlighting its growth strategy.
  10. What challenges does NetScreen face against industry giants like Cisco and Check Point?

    • NetScreen contends with brand recognition and market perception compared to established industry players.
  11. How does NetScreen plan to expand its product offerings in the future?

    • NetScreen recognizes the need to diversify its solutions or consider acquisitions to meet evolving customer demands.
  12. How does NetScreen view potential acquisition opportunities in the security industry?

    • NetScreen remains open to various growth strategies, including acquisitions, to enhance its market position and offerings.


NetScreen Technologies’ journey in the network security market highlights the importance of profitability and strategic planning for tech companies. By prioritizing honesty, conservative forecasting, and product strength, NetScreen has navigated industry challenges and demonstrated significant revenue growth. As the company continues to evolve and expand its offerings, maintaining a focus on customer acquisition and market positioning will be key to its long-term success. Visit our website for more insights into the evolving landscape of network security and technology solutions.