The unlikely offspring of a mystical union between a horse and a sheep would undoubtedly be a peculiar creature. Whether sporting the body of a sheep with the head of a horse or vice versa, such a mammal would struggle to excel in either the realm of sheepdom or that of horses. In a similar vein, the Nokia N97 seems to have emerged from a rather questionable merger involving the iPhone and the N95, inviting considerable scrutiny.


  1. What are the standout features of the Nokia N97?
    The Nokia N97 boasts a great camera, ample memory, and extensive connectivity options.

  2. What are some common criticisms of the Nokia N97?
    Users frequently express dissatisfaction with the keyboard design, resistive touchscreen, and dated menu system.

  3. How does the Nokia N97 compare to other smartphones on the market?
    In comparison to newer models like the Palm Pre, iPhone 3G S, and Android devices, the N97 lags behind in terms of interface and touchscreen technology.

  4. Is the Nokia N97 recommended for long-term use?
    Many users find the N97’s interface and features outdated for prolonged use, especially when transitioning from more modern smartphones.

  5. What could Nokia do to improve the N97 and future models?
    Nokia should consider a complete overhaul of its operating system design strategy to keep pace with evolving touchscreen technology and user expectations.

  6. Are there any positive aspects of the Nokia N97 worth mentioning?
    Despite its flaws, the Nokia N97 shines in camera quality, storage capacity, and network connectivity.

  7. How does the Nokia N97’s keyboard impact user experience?
    The N97’s keyboard design, including a small space bar and awkward layout, is a common point of frustration for users.

  8. What is the overall user sentiment towards the Nokia N97?
    Feedback from users and reviewers indicates a general dissatisfaction with the N97’s performance and user interface.

  9. Has Nokia addressed the issues raised about the N97 in subsequent models?
    Nokia’s later models have shown improvements in interface design and touchscreen responsiveness based on the feedback received from the N97.

  10. Is the Nokia N97 suitable for users accustomed to Nokia’s previous models?
    Users transitioning from older Nokia devices may find the N97’s interface familiar but ultimately lacking in modern features and usability.

  11. What impact did the Nokia N97 have on the company’s smartphone lineup?
    The N97’s reception prompted Nokia to reevaluate its design and innovation strategies, leading to advancements in future smartphone models.

  12. Should consumers consider purchasing the Nokia N97 in the current market?
    Given the availability of more advanced smartphone options, potential buyers are advised to explore newer models with upgraded features and performance capabilities.


The Nokia N97, a smartphone that once held promise with its impressive camera, ample storage, and connectivity options, fell short in delivering a satisfying user experience due to drawbacks such as a cumbersome keyboard, outdated interface, and resistive touchscreen technology. Users and reviewers alike expressed disappointment in the N97’s performance compared to contemporary smartphones like the iPhone and Android devices. Nokia’s subsequent models reflected improvements in response to the feedback garnered from the N97 debacle, signaling a shift towards more innovative and user-friendly designs. As the smartphone market continues to evolve, consumers are encouraged to explore newer options that offer enhanced features and usability for a more satisfying mobile experience.

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