At CES 2023, a new player in the wearables market, Movano, unveiled a glimpse of its upcoming Evie ring set to rival the Oura ring in 2023. Movano aims to differentiate itself by emphasizing women’s health and offering a more budget-friendly price point. The Evie ring is slated for release in 2023 with a price below $300, although exact details are still pending confirmation.

  1. What was revealed about the Movano Evie ring at CES 2023?
    Movano introduced its Evie ring, positioning it as a contender against the popular Oura ring with a focus on women’s health and affordability.

  2. How does Movano plan to compete with the Oura ring?
    Movano aims to provide a more cost-effective option for consumers interested in wearable health technology, particularly focusing on features related to female health.

  3. What insights did Movano gain from speaking with women aged 30 to 70?
    After conducting research with women in this age group, Movano opted against a subscription model for the Evie ring, as potential customers indicated a preference for a one-time purchase rather than ongoing subscription fees.

  4. What features will the Movano Evie ring offer?
    The Evie ring will monitor various health metrics like heart rate, blood-oxygen levels, skin temperature, steps, calories, and sleep patterns. Additionally, it will provide insights and advice on women’s health topics from healthcare experts within the app.

  5. How does Movano aim to stand out in the wearables market?
    By prioritizing female users and addressing specific health needs, Movano believes it can make a significant impact in the wearable technology space.

  6. What design considerations distinguish the Movano Evie ring?
    The Evie ring features an opening for flexibility, accommodating finger swelling during hormonal changes. This design choice sets it apart from competitors like the Oura ring, which may not offer as much flexibility in sizing.

  7. What regulatory steps is Movano taking for the Evie ring?
    Movano is seeking FDA clearance for the Evie ring and has conducted hypoxia trials to ensure accuracy in measuring clinical blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

  8. How does Movano prioritize data privacy and security?
    Data collected by the Evie ring will be stored securely in the cloud, with options for users to share data with healthcare providers following established protocols for medical devices.

  9. What long-term goals does Movano have for its wearables technology?
    Movano aims to leverage data collected from users to offer deeper health insights over time, potentially through partnerships with healthcare organizations.

  10. How does Movano’s approach differ from existing wearable options?
    While targeting both male and female users, Movano takes a female-first approach to address the perceived lack of options tailored specifically for women in the wearables market.

  11. How does Movano view its competition in the wearables space?
    Movano faces competition from established brands like Apple and Fitbit, which are expanding their health tracking features. However, its primary rival is the Oura ring, known for its focus on female health features.

  12. What are Movano’s future plans for partnerships in the healthcare industry?
    Movano is collaborating with healthcare companies to develop strategic partnerships and enhance the capabilities of its wearable technology beyond basic health tracking features.


In conclusion, Movano’s upcoming Evie ring represents a promising addition to the wearables market by targeting women’s health needs and offering a more affordable alternative to existing options. With a focus on data privacy, regulatory compliance, and user-centric design, Movano aims to carve out a unique space in a competitive landscape dominated by well-known brands. As consumers seek wearable technology that caters to their specific health concerns, Movano’s female-first approach and commitment to innovation position it as a significant player to watch in the evolving wearables industry. For more information and updates on Movano’s Evie ring, visit their website for the latest developments and release details.