Motorola, a well-known household brand, has been on an intriguing journey since its iconic Razr V3 release in 2004. After facing various challenges and product iterations over the years, the company seems to be gearing up for a significant revamp with its latest offering—the Dext. This smartphone marks Motorola’s entry into the world of Google’s Android operating system.

The Dext boasts features such as a slide-out Qwerty keyboard, touchscreen functionality akin to HTC’s T-Mobile G1, a 5-megapixel camera for both photos and videos, and convenience with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack allowing users to use their preferred headphones. Additionally, Motorola includes a 2GB microSD card in the box with support for expandable storage up to 32GB.

Launched at the Mobilize 09 conference in San Francisco under the name Motorola Cliq in the US market, this device offers essential functionalities like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS capabilities along with impressive talk time and standby durations. What sets it apart is Motorola’s customized Android user interface named ‘Motoblur,’ which integrates social network contacts seamlessly into your phonebook and provides widgets for convenient updates directly from your home screen.

Moreover, Motoblur incorporates online backup services for data storage security and even includes a phone tracking feature via GPS—a reminiscent of Apple’s MobileMe service without details on subscription fees yet. As an Android device user can expect seamless integration with Gmail and Google Maps accompanied by desktop syncing software compatible with iTunes’ playlists alongside Windows Media Player.

With aspirations high amidst growing competition within the Android handset market segment—Motorola aims to strike a balance between innovation and consumer satisfaction through Dext’s unique offerings while staying exclusive to Orange upon its release date in early October.

For those eager to explore more about Motorola’s latest creation or witness Motoblur in action—pre-orders commence on September 22nd via Orange’s website. Stay tuned for firsthand reviews once we get our hands on this promising device!


1) What makes the Motorola Dext stand out among competitors?
The Dext stands out due to its innovative features such as Motoblur customization integrating social networks seamlessly; it also offers practical functionalities like long battery life and expandable storage options that cater comprehensively to users’ needs.

2) Can I pre-order the Motorola Dext before its official launch?
Yes! Interested customers can pre-order the Moto Dext starting from September 22nd exclusively through Orange’s website before its anticipated release date early next month.

3) Does Motoblur offer similar services compared to other mobile platforms available today?
While inspired by existing services like Apple’s MobileMe functionally combining social contact integration along with robust backup solutions—the MotoBlur distinguishes itself by merging these elements effectively onto one platform catering uniquely tailored experiences specifically designed around user preferences.

4) How does desktop syncing software enhance my experience using MotoDext?
By facilitating seamless synchronization across multiple music platforms including iTunes while accommodating playlist integration—it enables users further personalized convenience when managing multimedia content effortlessly within their devices enhancing overall usability experienced within mobile technology space today significantly.


In conclusion—and considering all key points highlighted above—it is evident that Motorola has taken considerable strides forward towards rebranding itself competitively within rapidly evolving technological landscapes through introducing innovative features embedded throughout their latest creation—the MotoDex offering consumers distinctive utilities packaged seamlessly together aimed at enhancing overall user experiences thoroughly amid steep competition prevailing worldwide within smartphone marketspace currently.

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