Monotype Imaging has recently unveiled a new mobile font suite tailored for Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices. The suite, named “Type Enhancements for Android,” provides developers and manufacturers with a comprehensive set of tools and services.


  1. What is the new mobile font suite announced by Monotype Imaging for Android devices?

    • The new suite is called “Type Enhancements for Android,” offering a range of tools and services for developers and manufacturers.
  2. Are all the tools in this suite new to developers?

    • While some tools in the suite may have been available before, this is the first time they are bundled together in a single package.
  3. What is the iType font engine with Edge Tuning module within the suite?

    • The iType font engine with Edge Tuning module aims to enhance text rendering for OEMs, ensuring better and cleaner text display.
  4. How does the suite improve language support on Android devices?

    • The suite provides a wider range of language support beyond Android’s standard capabilities, along with a diverse selection of fonts for developers and users seeking customization options.
  5. How does Monotype ensure compliance with Google’s standards for Android?

    • Monotype’s director of product marketing, Satoshi Asari, emphasizes that all tools in the suite adhere to Google’s Compliance Test Suite (CTS) for Android.
  6. Who can benefit from “Type Enhancements for Android”?

    • The suite is beneficial for both low-end devices facing text rendering issues and high-end phones aiming for a superior user experience across various scenarios.
  7. How does Monotype’s FlipFont application contribute to user experience?

    • The FlipFont application allows developers to enhance the browsing and reading experience on devices with a broader selection of fonts.
  8. Why is it crucial for manufacturers to differentiate their Android devices?

    • Manufacturers seek to differentiate their products in a crowded market by utilizing font resources to enhance user experience and stand out from competitors.
  9. What challenges do manufacturers encounter in the Android market despite its free platform?

    • Although Android offers a free platform for manufacturers, differentiation remains a challenge, prompting the need for unique features to distinguish products.
  10. How does Monotype support OEMs in setting their products apart in the market?

    • Monotype aims to empower OEMs with font resources to differentiate their devices or create new market opportunities.


Monotype Imaging’s introduction of the “Type Enhancements for Android” font suite signifies a significant advancement for developers and manufacturers working with Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices. This comprehensive suite not only consolidates a variety of tools and services but also addresses key challenges in text rendering, language support, and user experience across different device types. By complying with Google’s standards and focusing on both low-end and flagship devices, Monotype aims to assist OEMs in enhancing their products and creating unique market propositions. With the FlipFont application enriching font selections, manufacturers can elevate their devices’ user interfaces and deliver a more personalized experience to consumers. In a competitive landscape where differentiation is paramount, Monotype’s font suite provides a valuable resource for OEMs looking to distinguish their offerings in the evolving Android market.

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