When envisioning cutting-edge display technology, the mind often conjures images of large modular screens or even rollable TVs. However, Mojo Vision has taken a different approach by introducing a minuscule monochrome display measuring only half a millimeter across, visible only under a microscope.

This Silicon Valley startup is pioneering what they refer to as “invisible computing” technology. The concept aims to reduce the reliance on handheld devices or bulky AR/VR headsets, enabling users to stay more present and engaged with their surroundings. Notifications and information can be effortlessly accessed at a glance.

Although the 14,000-ppi miniature display is not yet a commercial product, Mojo Vision is teasing an ambitious project that promises groundbreaking innovation. With a pixel density of 200 million pixels per square inch, the potential applications are vast.

Unlike traditional AR devices housed in cumbersome headsets, Mojo Vision’s technology is designed to be positioned closer to the eye, hinting at possible future integration with contact lenses. This hexagonally shaped display appears as a mere green dot to the naked eye but reveals intricate visuals under magnification, even showcasing brief video clips like the iconic Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

With a pixel density surpassing standard phone screens by 300 times, the MicroLED display offers superior brightness levels akin to Samsung’s The Wall TV. As tech giants like Google, Samsung, and Facebook invest heavily in AR and VR, Mojo Vision’s discreet yet powerful innovation stands out, boasting a team of industry veterans from Google, Apple, and HP.

While details on the product’s release date and pricing remain undisclosed, the promise of even smaller pixels and resolutions matching the human eye’s acuity suggests an exciting trajectory for Mojo Vision’s future endeavors. The blend of groundbreaking technology and industry expertise positions this tiny yet mighty display as a compelling glimpse into the future of visual computing.


  1. What is Mojo Vision’s “invisible computing” technology?
    Mojo Vision’s “invisible computing” technology aims to enhance user engagement with the real world by providing discreet access to information through a miniature display.

  2. What sets Mojo Vision’s display apart from traditional AR/VR devices?
    Unlike bulky AR/VR headsets, Mojo Vision’s display can be positioned close to the eye, offering a more seamless and immersive user experience.

  3. How small is Mojo Vision’s display?
    Measuring only half a millimeter across, Mojo Vision’s display is visible only under a microscope.

  4. What is the pixel density of Mojo Vision’s display?
    Mojo Vision’s display boasts a pixel density of 14,000 pixels per inch, setting it apart from standard phone screens.

  5. What are the potential applications of Mojo Vision’s technology?
    The high pixel density and compact design of Mojo Vision’s display open up possibilities for a wide range of applications, including contact lens integration.

  6. How does Mojo Vision’s display compare to existing VR headsets?
    Mojo Vision’s MicroLED display offers superior pixel density and brightness levels compared to traditional VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro.

  7. What are some of the visual capabilities of Mojo Vision’s display?
    Mojo Vision’s display can showcase detailed images and even short video clips, demonstrating its impressive visual fidelity.

  8. What competitive advantage does Mojo Vision hold in the AR/VR market?
    With a team comprising industry veterans from Google, Apple, and HP, Mojo Vision brings a wealth of expertise to revolutionize the visual computing landscape.

  9. When can we expect Mojo Vision’s product to hit the market?
    While the exact release date remains undisclosed, Mojo Vision’s ongoing innovation hints at an exciting future for visual technology enthusiasts.

  10. How does Mojo Vision plan to evolve its display technology further?
    Mojo Vision’s aim is to develop even smaller pixels and resolutions that match the human eye’s visual acuity, promising continued advancements in visual computing.


In a world dominated by large screens and bulky headsets, Mojo Vision is reshaping the narrative with its groundbreaking “invisible computing” technology. The miniature monochrome display, though invisible to the naked eye, offers a glimpse into a future where visual information is seamlessly integrated into our surroundings. With pixel densities surpassing conventional screens and a team of seasoned industry professionals at the helm, Mojo Vision’s innovation holds the potential to redefine visual computing as we know it. As the tech landscape evolves, Mojo Vision’s commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing user experiences presents an exciting opportunity for those eager to explore the next frontier of visual technology.

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