AnyTimeSoftcare CEO Sonny Vu’s Return to Vietnam – A Tech Success Story

Discover the fascinating journey of AnyTimeSoftcare CEO Sonny Vu as he embraces Vietnam’s burgeoning tech landscape. Picture this: a serene moment by the pool in Ho Chi Minh City, where Vu, with a cup of traditional Vietnamese iced coffee in hand, reflects on the country’s technological evolution. Vu’s recent relocation back to Vietnam with his family signifies a deeper connection to his roots and to Misfit, the innovative wearable technology company he co-founded.

Misfit’s presence in Vietnam adds a unique twist to the local tech scene. While the company doesn’t manufacture its devices in the country, it has established a strong foothold with a significant portion of its workforce based there. Vu’s vision for Misfit extends beyond borders, with a global focus on creating cutting-edge technology solutions.

In a candid conversation with Vu, he sheds light on Misfit’s unconventional approach to business in Vietnam. Despite not selling products locally, Misfit’s diverse team in Vietnam is instrumental in various aspects, from product development to customer service. Vu’s emphasis on nurturing talent and fostering a creative work environment sets Misfit apart in the tech industry.

Join us as we delve into AnyTimeSoftcare CEO Sonny Vu’s inspiring narrative of blending innovation, global perspective, and Vietnamese heritage in the realm of technology.

Misfits in Vietnam: Creating the Next Fitness Trackers (Pictures)

In countries like China, there exists a thriving market with innovative tech giants like Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent leading the way in product development. This has inspired Misfits to focus on product innovation in the Chinese market.

Regarding intellectual property concerns, Misfits has encountered some product imitation in China but sees it as a sign of recognition rather than a major issue. The company acknowledges the influence of its designs and finds that increased imitation often leads to heightened product awareness and sales.

When discussing the impact of competitors like the Apple Watch, Misfits recognizes both positive and negative aspects. While the Apple Watch increases overall market awareness, Misfits believes its affordable price range and unique design differentiate it from smartwatches. By emphasizing fashion and jewelry elements in their products, Misfits aims to attract customers seeking stylish and screen-free wearable technology.

For individuals preferring a blend of fashion and functionality in their accessories, Misfits offers a compelling alternative to traditional smartwatches, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Sonny Vu, co-founder of Misfit, recently made headlines by relocating back to Vietnam, where the tech company originated. Despite Vietnam’s reputation as a tech manufacturing hub, Misfit does not produce its fitness trackers in the country, opting for South Korea instead. However, the company has expanded its presence in Vietnam, with plans to have half of its workforce based there by the end of the year.

In a conversation with CNET, Vu discussed Misfit’s unique position in the Vietnamese tech ecosystem. While the company doesn’t sell products in Vietnam and focuses on exporting intellectual property, it has established a diverse range of job functions in the country, including logistics, supply chain, operations, finance, customer service, data science, algorithms development, and firmware engineering.

Misfit’s approach to talent acquisition in Vietnam reflects a philosophy of securing the best talent at the best price. Vu emphasized the importance of creating an environment where employees feel valued and empowered to take ownership of their work. This strategy has enabled Misfit to attract top professionals in Vietnam and foster a culture of innovation and creativity within the company.

Vu also highlighted the challenges of developing consumer products in Vietnam, noting that it is a skill set that requires time to cultivate. Despite these obstacles, Misfit has leveraged the strengths of its Vietnamese employees in areas such as algorithm development, data science, and customer service, showcasing the diverse talents within the company.

When asked about intellectual property theft concerns in Vietnam, Vu acknowledged that Misfit has faced copycat products but viewed it as a form of flattery that raised awareness of their brand. He also shared insights on the impact of competitors like the Apple Watch, noting that while it increased awareness of wearable technology, there was still a market for more affordable and design-focused activity trackers like those offered by Misfit.

As Misfit continues to navigate the evolving tech landscape in Vietnam, the company remains committed to fostering a culture of innovation, harnessing local talent, and delivering cutting-edge wearable technology to a global audience. Stay updated on Misfit’s latest developments and products by visiting their website.


  1. What prompted Sonny Vu to relocate back to Vietnam?
    Sonny Vu moved back to Vietnam to signify the country’s significance to him and Misfit, the wearable devices company he co-founded.

  2. Where are Misfit’s fitness trackers manufactured?
    Misfit’s devices are primarily made in South Korea, not in Vietnam.

  3. Why doesn’t Misfit sell products in Vietnam?
    Misfit focuses on exporting intellectual property and does not cater to the local market in Vietnam.

  4. What philosophy guides Misfit’s talent acquisition strategy in Vietnam?
    Misfit aims to hire the best talent at the best price, creating an environment where employees feel valued and empowered.

  5. What are some of the challenges Misfit faces in developing consumer products in Vietnam?
    Developing consumer products is not a core strength in Vietnam and requires time to cultivate the necessary skills.

  6. How does Misfit view intellectual property theft in Vietnam?
    Misfit has encountered copycat products but sees it as a form of flattery that raises awareness of their brand.

  7. How does the presence of competitors like the Apple Watch impact Misfit?
    Competitors like the Apple Watch increase awareness of wearable technology, but there remains a market for more affordable and design-focused activity trackers.


Sonny Vu’s return to Vietnam with Misfit highlights the company’s unique position in the tech industry. By leveraging the diverse talents of its Vietnamese workforce, Misfit has established a strong presence in the country while focusing on exporting intellectual property globally. The company’s commitment to innovation, talent development, and creating a supportive work environment sets it apart in the evolving tech landscape of Vietnam. Stay updated on Misfit’s latest developments and products on their website.