Windows Phone 7 is nearing its launch, with Microsoft unveiling its revamped mobile operating system for manufacturing. The Windows Phone 7 OS RTM is now in the hands of OEMs and service providers to finalize customizations and hardware preparations for the upcoming holiday release. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Phone Engineering, highlighted the rigorous testing conducted on the platform, emphasizing its reliability and performance.


  1. What is Windows Phone 7’s current status?
    Windows Phone 7 has been released to OEMs and service providers for final preparations before its holiday launch.

  2. How extensively has Windows Phone 7 been tested?
    Microsoft has conducted daily automated tests on nearly 10,000 devices, totaling over 3.5 million hours of stress testing and 8.5 million hours of automated testing.

  3. What enhancements have been made to Windows Phone 7 based on feedback?
    Enhancements in the People Hub include Contact Filtering, direct commenting on Facebook, and an on-screen search button for improved user experience.

  4. How does Microsoft approach customization on Windows Phone 7?
    Microsoft focuses on providing a consistent user experience, though users can personalize their devices through prepopulating hubs, default themes, and branded stores in the Windows Marketplace.

  5. Which companies are Microsoft’s OEM and carrier partners for Windows Phone 7?
    Partners include Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung, and various telecom companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Vodafone.

  6. Are there specific companies already planning to launch Windows Phone 7 devices?
    LG, Samsung, and HTC have received FCC approval for Windows handsets, while HP has shifted its focus to WebOS phones.

  7. What is CNET’s involvement in monitoring Windows Phone 7’s development?
    CNET’s Ina Fried has been closely following the development of Windows Phone 7, with detailed insights available on the platform.


The launch of Windows Phone 7 marks Microsoft’s significant foray into the mobile market, with a focus on providing a streamlined user experience and enhanced personalization options for users. Through rigorous testing and continuous improvements based on feedback, Windows Phone 7 aims to offer a reliable and feature-rich mobile platform. As Microsoft’s OEM and carrier partnerships continue to grow, consumers can anticipate a diverse range of devices running on Windows Phone 7. Stay informed with the latest updates on Windows Phone 7 to explore the possibilities of this innovative mobile operating system.

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