Microsoft recently showcased its latest mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5, at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009. The update, presented by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, brings several enhancements, such as an application store, a backup and restore service, and an improved mobile web browser. Let’s delve into the new features:


  1. What is the My Phone service?
    The My Phone service is a free tool that enables users to back up their phone’s data to a secure web service, ensuring automatic syncing and backup of contacts, appointments, text messages, photos, and videos. It also allows for easy restoration of data in case of device loss or upgrade.

  2. What is Windows Marketplace for Mobile?
    Windows Marketplace for Mobile serves as a centralized platform for exploring, purchasing, and downloading mobile applications for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. Users can access the marketplace using their Windows Live ID to discover a variety of applications vetted for security and compatibility.

  3. What are the improvements in Internet Explorer Mobile?
    With Windows Mobile 6.5, Internet Explorer Mobile delivers an enhanced browsing experience with support for Flash, JavaScript, improved page navigation tools like zoom in/out, and a breadcrumb feature for easy tracking of web page locations. It facilitates diverse online transactions on mobile devices.

  4. How is the new user interface in Windows Mobile 6.5 designed?
    Windows Mobile 6.5 presents a user-friendly interface focused on intuitive navigation and prioritizing essential information for users. The updated Start menu features a honeycomb layout for easy tapping, customizable icon arrangement, and a lock screen displaying crucial notifications.

  5. When will Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrades be available?
    Microsoft plans to release Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrades and devices in the second half of 2009. While specific handset partnerships have been announced, including LG and HTC, competition in the mobile operating system space remains dynamic.


Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows Mobile 6.5 at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 introduces significant improvements aimed at enhancing user experience and functionality. Key features such as the My Phone service for data backup, Windows Marketplace for Mobile for app discovery, and updates to Internet Explorer Mobile cater to evolving consumer needs in the mobile landscape.

The revamped user interface prioritizes accessibility and personalization, reflecting Microsoft’s commitment to offering both touch and non-touch device options. Despite the planned release in the latter half of 2009, the industry anticipates how Microsoft’s competitors will respond in the evolving mobile OS market.

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