LAS VEGAS-We’re live at the Venetian Ballroom, moments away from the unveiling of the long-awaited new phone platform from Palm. Here’s a rundown of the basics of the touch-screen smartphone Palm announced at CES Wednesday. For more details, read our summary here. New WebOS operating system featuring iPhone-like gestures and multitasking. Slide-out keyboard for easier email and text input. Exclusive to Sprint with no GSM capability for overseas roaming. Pricing details yet to be disclosed. The general sentiment is that Palm needs a significant win to compete with industry giants like Apple and RIM. The event has been shrouded in secrecy, adding to the anticipation.


  1. What are the key features of Palm’s new touch-screen smartphone?
    Palm’s new smartphone features the innovative WebOS operating system with intuitive gestures and multitasking capabilities. It also includes a slide-out keyboard for enhanced email and text messaging.

  2. Which network provider will offer the Palm smartphone?
    The new Palm smartphone will be exclusively available through Sprint, catering to users within their network.

  3. Will the Palm smartphone support international roaming?
    As of now, the Palm smartphone is designed exclusively for Sprint’s network and does not support GSM for international roaming.

  4. Is the pricing information available for the Palm smartphone?
    Details regarding the pricing of Palm’s new smartphone are yet to be revealed, which will be crucial for its market competitiveness.

  5. Who are the key figures behind the development of Palm’s new device?
    Jon Rubinstein, Palm’s executive chairman, and Ed Colligan, Palm’s CEO, played pivotal roles in the development and innovation of the new Palm smartphone.

  6. What sets the Palm smartphone apart from its competitors?
    The Palm smartphone aims to streamline information management by merging contacts from various platforms like Outlook, Google, and Facebook seamlessly.

  7. How does the Palm smartphone enhance user experience?
    With features like unified messaging, multitasking capabilities, and a user-friendly interface, the Palm smartphone offers a convenient and efficient user experience.

  8. What technology powers the Palm smartphone’s operating system?
    The Palm smartphone operates on the WebOS platform, built using standard web tools like HTML and JavaScript, making it developer-friendly.

  9. How does the design of the Palm smartphone stand out?
    Inspired by nature, the Palm smartphone features a unique design that combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a fresh perspective in the smartphone market.

  10. What partnerships are in place for the Palm smartphone’s ecosystem?
    Palm has collaborated with key partners like Facebook, Pandora, Google, and to enhance the smartphone’s ecosystem and user experience.

  11. When can consumers expect the Palm smartphone to be available?
    The Palm smartphone is slated for release in the first half of 2009 through Sprint, with further details to be finalized in the coming months.

  12. What is the long-term vision for Palm’s new smartphone platform?
    Palm envisions its new smartphone platform, WebOS, as the foundation for future innovations and advancements in the mobile technology landscape.


The unveiling of Palm’s new touch-screen smartphone at CES generated significant buzz and excitement within the tech community. With innovative features like the WebOS operating system, slide-out keyboard, and exclusive partnership with Sprint, the Palm smartphone aims to redefine user experience and streamline information management. The collaboration with industry-leading partners and a focus on developer-friendly tools underscore Palm’s commitment to driving innovation in the mobile technology sector. As consumers anticipate the official release of the Palm smartphone, the industry watches closely to see how it will fare against established competitors. For those looking for a blend of functionality, design, and seamless integration, the Palm smartphone presents a promising option in the evolving landscape of mobile devices. Stay tuned for further updates and pre-registration details on Sprint’s website.

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