At a recent virtual announcement, LG introduced its latest 5G phone featuring a unique swiveling display called the LG Wing. The event, lasting approximately 45 minutes, showcased LG’s Explorer Project, emphasizing innovative phone designs. Towards the end of the presentation, LG hinted at a potential phone with an extending display, sparking intrigue among viewers.

LG’s history of experimental phone designs includes the modular LG G5 and the G Flex with a contoured display. While these models did not achieve significant sales success, LG’s commitment to innovation is evident. The current LG G8 ThinQ, for example, offers a double-screen accessory to enhance display size.

The concept of a pullout display raises questions about its functionality. One possibility could be a design similar to LG’s roll-up OLED TV, utilizing a flexible display that can be rolled up when not in use. Alternatively, the phone may feature two displays, with one encasing the other externally.

Despite limited information on this new development, LG’s innovative approach provides exciting prospects for the future of smartphone design. The LG Wing, with its swiveling display, offers a glimpse into the potential for new and unconventional phone designs.


  1. What is the name of LG’s latest 5G phone with a swiveling display?

    • LG Wing
  2. What project did LG highlight during the recent virtual announcement?

    • Explorer Project
  3. Which LG phone allowed users to swap out key hardware components?

    • LG G5
  4. What was unique about LG’s G Flex phone released in 2014?

    • It featured a contoured display.
  5. What accessory is available for the LG G8 ThinQ to extend the display size?

    • A double-screen accessory
  6. What design feature did LG tease at the end of the recent presentation?

    • A phone with an extending display
  7. How long did the presentation of the LG Wing last?

    • Approximately 45 minutes
  8. What was showcased during LG’s Explorer Project?

    • Innovative phone designs
  9. What potential feature did LG hint at for future phone releases?

    • An extending display
  10. How did LG experiment with phone designs before the LG Wing?

    • Through models like the LG G5 and G Flex
  11. What does LG’s roll-up OLED TV feature that could relate to the pullout display concept?

    • A flexible display that rolls up when not in use
  12. What possibilities does the potential pullout display design offer for big-screen phones?

    • Enhanced comfort and portability for users interested in viewing content on larger screens.


LG’s unveiling of the LG Wing, a 5G phone with a swiveling display, marks another milestone in the company’s pursuit of innovative phone designs. This new model, part of LG’s Explorer Project, builds on the legacy of experimental designs like the LG G5 and G Flex. While details about the speculated extending display phone remain scarce, LG’s reputation for pushing boundaries in smartphone design generates anticipation for what the future holds. As we await more information on this intriguing concept, the LG Wing serves as a testament to LG’s commitment to redefining the possibilities of mobile technology. For those seeking a fresh perspective on smartphone innovation, LG’s latest offerings are sure to capture interest and spark curiosity.