Introducing the latest updates from! Exciting news for smartphone enthusiasts as we delve into the realm of tech wonders. The buzz around LG’s innovative devices continues to captivate our curiosity.

In the ever-evolving world of mobile technology, the discussion is abuzz with the latest on the LG Optimus series. While the Optimus G gears up for a 4G revolution in 2013, there seem to be certain shifts in the landscape, particularly concerning the UK market.

As we eagerly anticipate new releases, it’s worth noting that LG’s Optimus Vu may not be making its debut in the UK anytime soon. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with, Andy Coughlin, LG’s trailblazing head of mobile, shared insights that shed light on the company’s strategic focus for the upcoming year.

Despite the absence of Optimus Vu on the immediate horizon, the future holds promises of fresh endeavors in the smartphone domain. Stay tuned for more updates on as we unravel the unfolding saga of LG’s foray into the world of cutting-edge mobile technology.

LG Optimus G – and 4G

If you’re a fan of cutting-edge quad-core smartphones, there’s exciting news for you. LG’s newly unveiled Optimus G, powered by the Snapdragon S4 processor and featuring a stunning high-resolution HD display, is set to arrive in UK stores early next year.

According to Coughlin, a representative from LG, “I can assure you that the Optimus G will hit the UK market in the first quarter of next year. This device will support both 3G and potentially 4G services, making it a pivotal part of our offerings for the upcoming year. With its impressive display and the powerful performance of the new quad-core chip, the Optimus G promises an exciting user experience.”

While it remains uncertain whether the UK version of the Optimus G will incorporate 4G technology or if it will be exclusively 3G, discussions are underway. When asked about the compatibility with Everything Everywhere’s upcoming 1,800MHz 4G network, Coughlin refrained from confirming any specifics.

Coughlin emphasizes the significance of 4G in LG’s smartphone strategy for the future, stating, “We hold 23 percent of the global patents related to LTE technology and have already sold over 5 million LTE-enabled devices worldwide. This positions us favorably to capitalize on the emergence of new services and deliver exceptional user experiences when these services go live.”

Jelly Bean, Android Skins, and Updates

Curious about LG’s plans for Jelly Bean on their devices? According to Coughlin, LG is gearing up for some significant moves with Android 4.1.

When discussing the roadmap with partners, he mentions, “We have exciting announcements lined up. Our approach to Jelly Bean is robust and tailored to meet the market’s needs.” While specifics on the launch timeline remain under wraps, LG aims to roll out Jelly Bean by 2013, with a possibility of an earlier release.

Regarding the potential for unskinned Android 4.1 devices, Coughlin keeps the door open, stating, “It’s being considered as an option.” When asked about the differentiation through skins, he points out, “The variations among Android skins are minimal in essence. We do have some unique features like universal swipe gestures, aiming for simplicity rather than complexity. Our focus is on delivering a user-friendly experience.”

For LG device users eagerly awaiting Android updates, Coughlin reassures, “Consumers today are tech-savvy and eager for the latest Android versions on their devices. We understand this demand and are diligently working on bringing updates to our product line. Stay tuned for imminent announcements.”

Additionally, the launch of LG’s budget-friendly L-series device, the LG Optimus L5 in the UK, faced a slight delay in development. Coughlin assures, “The release is on the horizon, with the L5 set to launch by the end of next month and hit the market within Q4.”

Phablets: LG’s Optimus Vu’s UK Launch Status and Future Plans

LG’s Optimus Vu, a phone that blurs the line between phone and tablet, may not be hitting the UK market anytime soon. Despite earlier hints of a European release, LG’s head of mobile, Andy Coughlin, has indicated that there are currently no plans to bring the Optimus Vu to the UK in 2012. However, there is a possibility of a launch in the following year. LG seems to be focusing more on smartphones rather than tablets at the moment, with plans to introduce a new range of 3G smartphones and emphasize LTE technology.


  1. Is the LG Optimus Vu being released in the UK this year?
    At present, LG does not have plans to launch the Optimus Vu in the UK in 2012.

  2. What is LG’s focus for the UK market in terms of mobile devices?
    LG is currently emphasizing smartphones over tablets, with upcoming releases in the 3G smartphone category.

  3. Will the LG Optimus Vu be a direct competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series?
    LG’s Andy Coughlin has hinted that the Optimus Vu may not directly compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note series in the UK market.

  4. What can consumers expect from LG’s smartphone lineup next year?
    LG is set to introduce smartphones with HD displays and focus on improving battery life and performance.

  5. Is LG planning to release unskinned Android 4.1 devices?
    LG is considering the possibility of launching unskinned Android 4.1 devices in the future.

  6. Are there any updates planned for existing LG devices?
    LG is working on updates for its range of devices to ensure that consumers can enjoy the latest Android features.

  7. When can we expect the launch of the LG Optimus G in the UK?
    The high-powered LG Optimus G is anticipated to hit UK stores in the first quarter of next year.

  8. Will the LG Optimus G support 4G services?
    LG is yet to confirm whether the UK version of the Optimus G will support 4G networks.

  9. What are LG’s plans for HD screens and battery life in 2013?
    LG aims to enhance user experience with HD displays and improve battery life and performance in its smartphone lineup for the next year.

  10. What is LG’s stance on Android updates for its devices?
    LG is committed to providing timely updates for its devices to ensure that users can enjoy the latest Android features.

  11. Why has the launch of the LG Optimus L5 been delayed?
    The launch of the budget-friendly LG Optimus L5 has been slightly delayed but is expected to be available soon.

  12. How can consumers stay updated on LG’s future plans and device releases?
    For the latest updates on LG’s current lineup and upcoming devices, consumers can follow LG’s announcements on their website and social media channels.


Looking ahead, LG’s mobile strategy for the UK market is evolving, with a focus on smartphones and cutting-edge technology. While the Optimus Vu may not be making its way to the UK in 2012, LG enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of the high-performance Optimus G with its impressive features in the upcoming year. With a commitment to HD displays, battery life, and performance enhancements, LG aims to offer consumers a compelling and innovative smartphone experience. Stay tuned for further updates and releases from LG in the thriving mobile industry.

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