The surge in popularity of the Google Nexus 4 has piqued interest in LG once again, prompting the launch of the second generation LG Optimus L series phones. With a mixed reception for the initial L series lineup, there are high hopes that the LG Optimus L Series 2 will deliver significant improvements.


  1. What sparked renewed interest in LG’s smartphones?
    The success of the Google Nexus 4 reignited curiosity around LG’s phone offerings.

  2. What can we expect from the new LG Optimus L Series 2?
    The second generation promises enhanced features and performance compared to its predecessor.

  3. How did critics receive the original L series smartphones?
    Reviews for devices like the LG Optimus L3 were particularly critical due to underwhelming performance.

  4. Are there any notable changes in design with the new generation?
    While specifics vary by model, improvements are expected across display sizes and battery capacities.

  5. Which software version powers these new phones?
    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean serves as the operating system for these upgraded devices.

  6. What unique features does LG highlight beyond standard Android functions?
    Additional functionalities like QuickMemo and customizable Quick Button settings aim to enhance user experience.

7 .When is this new line expected to hit markets outside Russia?
Although initially launching in Russia, broader availability details are pending announcements at Mobile World Congress later this month.

8 .Will dual-SIM versions be available internationally or limited to specific regions ?
Dual-SIM variations may be restricted geographically based on market demands.

9 .Have pricing details been disclosed yet for UK consumers ?
Pricing structures remain undisclosed thus far; further clarifications anticipated closer to official releases.

10 .Where can interested buyers find comprehensive coverage of these upcoming models ?
Stay tuned to Mobile World Congress updates and trusted tech sources like CNET for detailed reviews and insights.

11 .What enhancements have been made regarding user safety within these devices ?
New security features such as emergency call forwarding and usage alerts provide added layers of protection and peace of mind.

12 .Can customers share their feedback on this latest release from LG ?
Engage with fellow tech enthusiasts on platforms like Facebook or through comments sections to exchange views on whether LG is keeping pace with competitors.


LG makes a bold leap forward with its second-generation Optimum L Series smartphones following lukewarm responses to previous models. Anticipated improvements encompass hardware upgrades including larger displays, increased battery capacities, customized software options such as QuickMemo, along with enhanced safety measures catered towards users’ well-being

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