PC manufacturing giant Lenovo is considering a potential bid for Research In Motion to strengthen its smartphone division. According to Bloomberg, Lenovo, currently the second-largest PC maker globally, is exploring acquisition opportunities and partnerships to expand beyond PCs.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Lenovo’s CFO mentioned being open to opportunities that benefit both the company and shareholders, indicating active consideration of acquisitions. While discussions with RIM have been ongoing, no official decision on a bid has been disclosed.

Lenovo already offers Android-based smartphones and plans to launch a Windows Phone 8 device. If RIM decides to license out its BlackBerry 10 platform as rumored, it could be advantageous for both parties across different platforms.

However, concerns arise regarding how a Chinese company’s acquisition of an enterprise security-focused smartphone manufacturer like RIM would unfold due to recent reports linking companies like Huawei and ZTE with the Chinese government—an issue denied by these companies amidst espionage suspicions.

The Canadian government prefers RIM remain Canadian-owned but acknowledges regulatory oversight if a sale occurs given the company’s size. Meanwhile, RIM emphasizes its commitment to launching BlackBerry 10 globally without additional updates at this time.

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