Discover the Intergalactic Battlegrounds of LEGO Star Wars Battles on Apple Arcade

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary intergalactic adventure with LEGO Star Wars Battles! Exclusively available on Apple Arcade, this captivating tower defense game seamlessly blends the beloved nostalgic charm of LEGO with the thrilling action of Star Wars. Immerse yourself in a galaxy of epic battles, where you can command the forces of light or darkness in real-time multiplayer matches. Unleash your strategic brilliance as you deploy troops, construct towers, and conquer enemy territories on iconic planets from the Star Wars universe.


  1. What is Lego Star Wars Battles?

    Lego Star Wars Battles is an Apple Arcade exclusive action-strategy game where players can engage in real-time, PvP multiplayer battles.

  2. What platforms is Lego Star Wars Battles available on?

    Lego Star Wars Battles is only available on Apple Arcade.

  3. What is the gameplay objective in Lego Star Wars Battles?

    The goal is to strategically deploy troops and take out the enemy’s base ship by building towers, capturing territory, and gaining ground.

  4. What Star Wars content is featured in Lego Star Wars Battles?

    The game includes content from the original, prequel, and new Star Wars eras, featuring iconic characters like Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Cassian Andor, and Yoda.

  5. Does Lego Star Wars Battles have in-app purchases?

    No, Lego Star Wars Battles is free of in-app purchases and paywalls, offering consistent rewards and upgrades through gameplay.

  6. What multiplayer options are available in Lego Star Wars Battles?

    Players can engage in matches against the game’s AI or team up with friends with a network connection.

  7. Does Lego Star Wars Battles support external controllers?

    Yes, Lego Star Wars Battles supports both touch screen controls and external controller support.

  8. What is the cost of Apple Arcade?

    Apple Arcade can be subscribed to for $5 per month or $50 annually.

  9. Can I try Apple Arcade for free?

    New users can get a one-month free trial of Apple Arcade, while purchasers of new devices can enjoy a three-month free trial.

  10. What is the recommended age rating for Lego Star Wars Battles?

    Lego Star Wars Battles is rated E10+ for Everyone 10+ due to fantasy violence.

  11. What is the file size of Lego Star Wars Battles?

    The file size of Lego Star Wars Battles may vary depending on your device, but it typically ranges around 2.5 GB.

  12. Are there any upcoming updates or new features for Lego Star Wars Battles?

    The developers plan to introduce new planets, game modes, and events in future updates.


Lego Star Wars Battles is an exciting new action-strategy game available exclusively on Apple Arcade. Immerse yourself in the beloved Star Wars universe as you take control of iconic characters from the light or dark side and engage in thrilling, real-time PvP battles. The game features stunning graphics, detailed characters, and a variety of planets to conquer.

Lego Star Wars Battles offers a unique blend of strategy and action. You’ll need to strategically deploy troops, build towers, and capture territory to outmaneuver your opponents. The game also features a diverse array of characters with unique abilities, allowing for endless customization of your deck. As you progress, you’ll unlock new cards, upgrades, and rewards, ensuring a constantly evolving gameplay experience.

Lego Star Wars Battles boasts a vibrant community of players, so you can always find opponents to challenge. The game’s developers are committed to delivering regular updates, with new events, planets, and game modes on the horizon.

Whether you’re a seasoned Star Wars fan or a casual gamer, Lego Star Wars Battles offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience. With no in-app purchases or paywalls, you can progress through the game solely through your skills and strategic decision-making. Join the battle today and experience the thrilling blend of Lego, Star Wars, and strategy that Lego Star Wars Battles has to offer.