In the rapidly evolving landscape of the U.S. smartphone market, Samsung has long held the top spot in market share. However, recent figures from ComScore reveal a shifting tide as Apple makes significant strides in closing the gap with its competitor.


1. Which company currently leads the U.S. smartphone market?
Samsung currently holds the top position in the U.S. smartphone market share rankings.

2. How is Apple performing in the U.S. smartphone market according to the latest ComScore figures?
Apple is rapidly gaining ground on Samsung, with a notable increase in market share based on the latest ComScore report.

3. What was the key highlight of the August 2012 report regarding Samsung and Apple?
The August 2012 report indicated a stagnant market share for Samsung, contrasted with a significant growth for Apple.

4. How did Apple’s smartphone share change in the specified period?
Apple’s smartphone share experienced a 2.1 percent growth, marking the most substantial increase since April.

5. Which smartphone maker currently holds the second-place position in the market rankings?
LG currently holds the second-place position in the U.S. smartphone market, with a slight drop in market share.

6. How did HTC fare in the August report in terms of market share?
HTC experienced a modest 0.2 percent growth in market share, although the company continues to face challenges in sales and revenue.

7. What was the performance of Google-owned Motorola Mobility in the U.S. smartphone market?
Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, experienced a slight decline in market share, currently standing at 11.2 percent.

8. Which operating systems witnessed an increase in subscribers according to the report?
Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android were the only operating systems to witness an increase in subscribers, with the others experiencing a decline.

9. What was the increase in market share for the Android operating system?
The Android operating system saw a marginal increase of 1.7 percent, reaching a total of 52.6 percent market share.

10. How did Apple’s iOS software perform in terms of market share growth?
Apple’s iOS software surged ahead with a 2.4 percent increase, reaching a market share of 34.3 percent.

11. Which platform saw the greatest decline in market share according to the report?
Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform experienced the most significant decline, dropping below the 10 percent mark.

12. How did Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Nokia’s Symbian operating systems fare in the market share report?
Both Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Nokia’s Symbian operating systems experienced a decline in market share, presenting challenges for both companies.


In the ever-evolving U.S. smartphone market, Samsung has long been a dominant force. However, recent data from ComScore indicates a notable shift as Apple makes significant strides in narrowing the gap. With Apple’s impressive growth in market share, the competition is heating up, paving the way for a potentially reshaped landscape in the near future.

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