Today, Jawbone has introduced an enhanced version of its Up fitness solution, now available for preorder at $129.99. The new Up has undergone a significant reconstruction to boost durability and functionality.

After facing technical issues leading to the suspension of the initial Up release, Jawbone dedicated substantial resources to rectify these concerns. The company is now even more dedicated to its vision of a wearable computer designed for continuous use. Jawbone has set a new internal durability standard surpassing existing industry benchmarks, ensuring the Up is resilient to everyday wear and tear, detergents, and high water temperatures.

The Up goes beyond basic step tracking by automatically recording sleep patterns and quality. Users will also benefit from the Up app (currently exclusive to iOS), allowing them to input their diet and mood. Additionally, the Up can provide subtle nudges through vibrations to encourage increased activity levels when needed. Jawbone promises a range of data analysis tools within the Up app to help users interpret their fitness data effectively.

The Jawbone UP will be offered in three sizes and eight colors, providing consumers with various options to suit their preferences. It will be available nationwide through leading retailers such as Best Buy, Apple, and AT&T.


1. What improvements have been made to the new Jawbone Up?

The new Jawbone Up has been redesigned internally to enhance durability and functionality significantly.

2. Why was the initial release of the Jawbone Up suspended?

Technical issues experienced by users led to the temporary halt of the first Up release.

3. How has Jawbone addressed the technical problems with the Up?

Jawbone invested resources to rectify the technical issues, emphasizing a commitment to delivering a reliable 24-7 wearable computer.

4. What sets the new Jawbone Up’s durability standard apart from existing benchmarks?

The Up now adheres to a rigorous internal durability standard, surpassing industry norms to ensure resilience to daily use and environmental factors.

5. What features does the Jawbone Up offer beyond step tracking?

In addition to monitoring steps, the Up logs sleep data automatically, offers diet tracking, mood input options, and provides activity nudges through vibrations.

6. What platform is currently compatible with the Up app?

The Up app is currently available exclusively for iOS users.

7. What data analysis tools are provided within the Jawbone Up app?

Users can expect a range of data analysis tools within the Up app to help interpret their fitness data effectively.

8. In what sizes and colors will the Jawbone Up be available?

The Jawbone Up will be offered in three sizes (small, medium, large) and eight colors, catering to a wide range of preferences.

9. Where can consumers purchase the Jawbone Up?

The Up will be available nationwide through retailers like Best Buy, Apple, and AT&T.


The new Jawbone Up has been revamped to deliver enhanced durability and functionality, addressing past technical challenges. By setting a robust internal standard, Jawbone ensures the Up can withstand everyday usage and environmental factors. With features like automatic sleep tracking, diet logging, and activity nudges, the Up offers a comprehensive fitness solution. The Up app provides users with data analysis tools to make the most of their fitness stats. Available in various sizes and colors, the Jawbone Up can be purchased nationwide through leading retailers. Experience the next level of wearable fitness technology with the Jawbone Up.