A new clue has emerged regarding the potential release of an upcoming iPhone model by Apple, which has sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts. Apple recently filed a series of unreleased iPhone model numbers with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), a regulatory body. These model numbers, including A1920, A1921, A1984, and more, are linked to Apple smartphones operating on iOS 11.

It’s essential to note that Apple often assigns multiple model numbers to the same iPhone model based on factors like the carrier and region. Therefore, while the filing indicates new iPhone models, the exact number remains uncertain. However, speculations suggest that some of these models could be associated with the anticipated iPhone SE 2, a device known for its compact size and affordability amidst the trend of larger, pricier smartphones.

The original iPhone SE was introduced in 2016, with a storage upgrade the following year. Since then, there have been minimal updates to the SE line, making it a unique offering in Apple’s product range. Priced competitively at $349 in the US, £349 in the UK, and AU$549 in Australia, the iPhone SE caters to consumers seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on performance.

Historically, Apple’s product releases have been hinted at through regulatory filings, as seen with previous MacBook and iPad launches. Based on this pattern, industry experts anticipate the unveiling of the new iPhone models, possibly including the iPhone SE 2, in the coming months. The timing aligns with Apple’s annual WWDC event in June, although surprises are common in Apple’s release strategy.

As the anticipation builds for Apple’s new offerings, stay tuned for updates on the latest developments. For those interested in staying informed about tech trends and product releases, following reputable sources like MacRumors can provide valuable insights into Apple’s future plans.