Uncover the Magic of Digitizing Text with Your iPhone Camera

Do you find yourself in a constant battle with handwritten notes or old recipes that clutter your space? Imagine a world where you can effortlessly extract text from photos without the hassle of manual typing or scanning. Enter the realm of possibilities with the innovative Live Text feature on your iPhone. Launched in 2021, Live Text is a game-changer powered by AI technology, allowing you to seamlessly copy and paste text from any image captured by your iPhone camera.

Whether it’s a hastily scribbled address or a cherished family recipe, Live Text simplifies the process of capturing essential information. From handwritten to typewritten text, this feature is designed to recognize and extract text with precision, revolutionizing the way you interact with digital content. Ready to harness the full potential of your iPhone’s capabilities? Let’s delve into how you can unlock the magic of Live Text and elevate your digital experience.There’s a new method to convert handwritten notes, old family recipes, or any physical documents into digital format more efficiently. Instead of the traditional process of taking a photo or scanning the hard copy and attaching it to an email, there’s a simpler way now available. If someone jots down an address or a phone number on a piece of paper, the typical reaction would be to manually input it into a phone’s contact list. However, with the introduction of iPhone’s Live Text feature in 2021, this step is no longer necessary. Live Text is an AI-powered tool that enables your iPhone to copy and paste text from any image captured by its camera. Whether the text is handwritten or printed, as long as it’s clear enough for the iPhone to recognize accurately. Here’s a guide on how to utilize this feature effectively.


  1. What is Live Text, and how does it work?
    Live Text is a feature on iPhones running iOS 15 or later that allows users to copy and paste text from images using the device’s camera.

  2. How can I activate Live Text on my iPhone?
    Simply point your iPhone camera at the text you wish to copy. Live Text is active when a yellow outline appears around the text.

  3. What is the Live Text icon for, and where can it be found?
    The Live Text icon, located at the bottom right corner of the picture, enables users to interact with the text in the image.

  4. How do I select the text for copying in Live Text?
    Press down on the text you want to copy, similar to selecting text in Notes or a text message.

  5. What is the next step after selecting the text?
    Once you’ve highlighted the text, tap on ‘Copy’ to save it to your clipboard.

  6. Where can I paste the copied text?
    You can paste the text into other applications such as Gmail or Notes for further use.

  7. Can Live Text search for text in stored images?
    Yes, Live Text can also search for text within images saved in the Photos app, enabling actions like dialing a phone number or translating words.

  8. How does Live Text compare to Google Lens?
    While similar to Google Lens, Live Text allows real-time text selection, copying, and pasting directly from the camera feed, offering a unique user experience.

  9. What makes Live Text a useful productivity tool?
    Live Text streamlines the process of copying handwritten notes or text from images, facilitating their digital conversion efficiently.

  10. Is Live Text available on Android devices?
    Live Text is an exclusive feature for iPhones and is not available on Android devices.

  11. Can Live Text convert handwritten notes into editable text?
    Yes, Live Text can recognize and convert handwritten notes into editable text on your iPhone.

  12. Are there any limitations to Live Text’s text recognition capabilities?
    Live Text works best with clear and legible text, ensuring accurate detection and reproduction of the copied text.


In conclusion, iPhone users can leverage the Live Text feature to simplify the process of copying and pasting text from images using their device’s camera. This AI-powered tool enhances productivity by quickly digitizing handwritten notes or printed text. By following the outlined steps, users can seamlessly extract and use text from various sources, making tasks like saving contact information or translating words more convenient. Embrace the efficiency of Live Text to streamline your digital workflow and enhance your overall user experience on the iPhone.

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