The design of a popular smartphone has recently faced concerns regarding potential damage. Claims suggest that certain types of cases may lead to the glass back of the device cracking. This issue has come to light shortly after previous problems with the phone’s antenna were addressed.


  1. Why is there renewed scrutiny on the design of iPhone 4?
    The design of iPhone 4 is under scrutiny due to claims that slide-on cases may cause the glass back to crack.

  2. What is the specific problem with slide-on cases?
    Slide-on cases can trap material between the case and the glass back of the handset, leading to scratches that may develop into fractures and cracks.

  3. How did Apple respond to these allegations?
    Apple has reportedly become aware of the issue and has initiated a lab and test program to investigate the problem.

  4. Why are slide-on cases not available for iPhone 4 in Apple stores currently?
    Apple has temporarily stopped selling slide-on cases for iPhone 4, both online and in physical outlets, due to the reported issue.

  5. What do case manufacturers Griffin and Proporta say about this situation?
    While Griffin declined to comment, Proporta stated that they are not aware of any problems with cases and continue to believe that using a case is essential for mobile phone protection.

  6. Are there alternative sources to purchase slide-on cases for iPhone 4?
    Yes, there are still various places where users can buy slide-on cases for iPhone 4 apart from Apple’s outlets.

  7. Is the cracked-glass issue a widespread problem?
    The extent of the cracked-glass issue related to slide-on cases for iPhone 4 remains unclear, and more information may surface in the future.

The iPhone 4 design is facing scrutiny due to concerns that slide-on cases may lead to the glass back cracking, following previous antenna-related issues. Apple is investigating the matter and has temporarily removed slide-on cases from its stores. While case manufacturers respond differently to the situation, users can still find such cases from other retailers. The impact of this issue on iPhone 4 users’ devices is yet to be fully understood, prompting further observation.

If you are an iPhone 4 user, it is advisable to stay informed about such design-related issues and consider alternatives to protect your device effectively. Stay updated on the latest developments and share your experiences with protective cases in the comments section below.