In a world where smartphones evolve at lightning speed, it’s easy to overlook the gems that stand the test of time. Enter the iPhone 12, a device that, despite being a year old, remains an exceptional choice. Discover why this tech marvel continues to impress, as AnyTimeSoftcare takes you on an in-depth exploration of its enduring appeal. Get ready to uncover the reasons why the iPhone 12 still reigns supreme in 2021.## Cons

Despite its many strengths, the latest iPhone is not without its drawbacks.

Potential Drawbacks

  • High price: The latest iPhone comes with a hefty price tag, putting it out of reach for many consumers.
  • Limited battery life: While the phone’s battery has improved compared to previous models, it still falls short of offering a full day of heavy use.
  • Lack of expandable storage: The latest iPhone does not offer expandable storage, forcing users to purchase a model with sufficient storage capacity upfront or resort to cloud storage services.## Cons of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro:

As smartphones undergo continuous innovation, each generation typically marks a significant leap in technology and design. The release of the iPhone 12 series in 2020 was no exception, introducing notable advancements compared to the previous iPhone X generation. However, alongside the many improvements, some drawbacks should be considered before making a purchase decision:

1. Price Premium:

Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 12 comes with a higher price tag. The base model of the iPhone 12 starts at $829, which is $130 more expensive than the iPhone 11 at its release. This price difference can be a significant factor for budget-conscious consumers.

2. Limited Storage Capacity:

The base model of the iPhone 12 only offers 64GB of storage, which may not be sufficient for users with extensive media or app collections. Users who require additional storage capacity will need to upgrade to a more expensive model with larger storage options, further increasing their overall cost.

3. Camera Differences:

Although the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro share many camera features, such as the wide and ultrawide lenses, the 12 Pro offers a superior camera experience. The 12 Pro features a telephoto lens, which enables higher-quality optical zoom and improved low-light photography. For users who prioritize camera performance, the 12 Pro may be a more suitable choice.

4. Lack of Distinctive Features:

Compared to previous generations, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro lack striking differences between their base and pro models. Both models share a similar design, display, and chip, making it difficult for users to justify the price difference for the 12 Pro. This homogeneity may lead to diminished value for those seeking a more premium experience.

5. Potential for Upgrade Regret:

The release of newer iPhone models can lead to upgrade regret for some users. The iPhone 13 series, released in 2021, offers further improvements and features compared to the iPhone 12. Users who purchase the iPhone 12 may experience a sense of missing out on the latest advancements, potentially leading to dissatisfaction and a desire to upgrade sooner than planned.


While the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro offer significant upgrades compared to previous generations, potential buyers should carefully consider the drawbacks before making a purchasing decision. Factors such as price, storage capacity, camera capabilities, lack of distinctive features, and potential for upgrade regret should be taken into account to ensure the purchase aligns with individual needs and budget constraints.

iPhone 12 vs. 12 Pro vs. iPhone 11

Contemplate Your Options Wisely

When evaluating the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 11, you’ll encounter various price points and feature sets. The iPhone 12 offers a compelling value without exceeding $1,000, while the 12 Pro exudes a premium aesthetic with additional capabilities. Ultimately, both models deliver exceptional camera systems.

Factors Influencing My Preference

During my hands-on experience with both devices, the 12 Pro emerged as my preferred choice. However, this selection was not solely driven by its telephoto camera or lidar sensor, which are absent in the iPhone 12. Instead, I was drawn to the 12 Pro’s matte-textured back, sleek stainless steel frame, and substantial weight, which conveyed a sense of durability and luxury.

Expert Insights

  • Consider the overall camera system as a key factor when making your selection. Both models excel in this area.
  • If cost is a primary concern, the iPhone 12 provides an exceptional value proposition.
  • Those seeking a premium experience with additional features may prefer the iPhone 12 Pro.

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Essential Equivalence: Unifying 5G Support

Both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro offer unwavering 5G compatibility, enabling them to seamlessly connect to sub-6 and mmWave 5G networks. This eliminates any disparity in 5G functionality between the two models, ensuring they possess identical capabilities in this regard.

Performance Analysis: Real-World Testing

To gauge the actual 5G performance of these devices, comprehensive testing was conducted in Greenville, South Carolina, utilizing T-Mobile’s 5G network and Verizon’s Nationwide 5G offering. The results revealed impressive coverage from both carriers, albeit with some variation in 5G speed consistency.

Using SpeedTest, the iPhone 12 on T-Mobile’s network recorded respectable download speeds ranging from 10.4 to 14.9 megabits per second. Conversely, the iPhone 12 Pro connected to Verizon’s network yielded significantly higher download speeds, clocking in between 97.9 and 104Mbps.

Sustained Performance: Anticipating 5G’s Evolution

Despite the absence of ground-breaking applications that fully leverage 5G’s capabilities, both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro possess the requisite hardware to handle future 5G advancements. This ensures that you won’t need to upgrade your device to embrace the full potential of 5G as its infrastructure expands and improves.

Power Management: Smart Data Optimization

Recognizing the potential battery drain associated with 5G connectivity, Apple has implemented a sophisticated software feature called Smart Data mode. This mode dynamically adjusts data usage, prioritizing speed and power efficiency. By assessing various factors, Smart Data seamlessly transitions between 5G and 4G connections, optimizing battery life without compromising performance.

Cellular FaceTime: Enhanced Video Calls

One of the notable benefits exclusive to 5G on the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is the ability to make HD FaceTime calls over cellular networks. This significantly enhances the call quality, offering a superior video experience even when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro: A Striking Statement in Design

When you first encounter the Apple iPhone 12 Pro, you’ll immediately notice its bold and assertive aesthetics. Its minimalist design exudes confidence and class, with clean lines and a sleek silhouette that demands attention.

The device is adorned with a polished stainless steel frame that adds a touch of sophistication to its overall appearance. The back of the phone features an exquisite ceramic shield glass, renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to scratches and cracks.

One striking feature of the iPhone 12 Pro is its flat edges, which provide a comfortable grip while adding a touch of modernity to its design. These edges also house the phone’s signature buttons and ports, ensuring easy access and seamless functionality.

At a glance, the iPhone 12 Pro is a masterpiece of minimalist design that seamlessly blends style and substance. Its bold and elegant aesthetic is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who beholds it.

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have an iPhone 5 design

The iconic design of the iPhone 5 makes a comeback with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. These devices boast a bold and striking look, characterized by straight-edged polished stainless steel bands that define their profile. The squared-off sides mirror the design of the iPhone 5, 5S, and SE, but without the chamfered edges.

The absence of curved edges creates a clean and modern aesthetic that sets the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro apart from many other flagship smartphones. The build and finish of the 12 Pro are exceptional, offering a level of sophistication that is unmatched in the industry.

In addition to their striking design, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro feature stunning OLED panels, which Apple calls Super XDR displays. These displays offer exceptional contrast and resolution, and the squared-off sides seem to push the display up and forward, creating the illusion that the phone is holding up the display.

Both phone screens are protected by a ceramic shield, a new material that offers four times the protection against drops compared to traditional glass. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are also IP68 rated for water and dust resistance, meaning they can withstand submersion in water to a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes.iPhone 12 and 12 Pro: Unveiling the Camera Performance Excellence

Redefining Photography: Excellent Photos and Videos

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are renowned for their exceptional camera capabilities, delivering consistently stunning images in various lighting conditions and environments. Hardware upgrades, cutting-edge software, and advanced processing contribute to this photographic prowess.

  • Main Camera: Both models boast a wide-angle lens with a faster aperture, enabling exceptional low-light performance. The iPhone 12 Pro enhances the experience with a telephoto lens for stunning zoomed-in shots.
  • Smart HDR 3: This advanced technology optimizes colors and dynamic range, ensuring vivid and realistic images.
  • Night Mode: Darkness becomes your canvas as Night Mode empowers the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cameras to capture remarkably detailed and illuminated photos even in low-light situations.

Pushing Boundaries: Ultrawide-Angle Camera Evolution

Complementing the main camera, the ultrawide-angle camera has undergone significant improvements.

  • Lens Distortion Correction: The 12 and 12 Pro employ software to rectify lens distortion, eliminating the exaggerated curvature often seen in previous ultrawide-angle shots.
  • Night Mode Support: The ultrawide-angle camera on both models now supports Night Mode, extending low-light capabilities beyond the main camera.
  • Impressive Detail and Perspective: The combination of lens distortion correction and Night Mode results in stunning ultrawide-angle photographs with intricate details and a captivating sense of perspective.

Unveiling the Versatility: Selfie and Zoom Capabilities

  • Selfie Camera: Revel in the power of enhanced selfie portraits with Night Mode support on the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.
  • Telephoto Lens (iPhone 12 Pro): The 12 Pro outshines the 12 with its dedicated telephoto lens, expanding zooming capabilities for distant subjects.

Video Prowess: Honing Focus and Low-Light Performance

  • Fantastic Focus: The iPhone 12 Pro’s lidar sensor significantly enhances focus, particularly in low-light conditions.
  • Enhanced Video Capabilities: Both models offer impressive video recording abilities, ensuring smooth and stable footage even at night.

Comparing Camera Features**

Feature iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro
Main Camera Resolution 12MP 12MP
Main Camera Aperture f/1.6 f/1.6
Main Camera OIS Yes Yes
Ultrawide Camera Resolution 12MP 12MP
Ultrawide Camera Aperture f/2.4 f/2.4
Telephoto Camera Resolution N/A 12MP
Telephoto Camera Aperture N/A f/2.0
Lidar Sensor No Yes
Night Mode Main and Ultrawide Cameras Main, Ultrawide, and Selfie Cameras
Smart HDR 3 Yes Yes

The exceptional performance of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro stems not only from their remarkable cameras but also from the groundbreaking A14 Bionic chip. While the immediate difference in speed from the A13 chip may be less noticeable, the A14’s true power lies in future-proofing your device.

By investing in an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, you’re not just getting a blazing-fast smartphone today but also ensuring its longevity. The A14’s future-oriented design ensures that your phone will remain competitive even as iOS evolves in the years to come.

Benchmark Domination

In comprehensive performance benchmark tests, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have consistently topped the charts. Their scores surpass those of any other smartphones we’ve tested, showcasing the undeniable superiority of the A14 Bionic chip.

Additional Credibility and Information

  • The A14 Bionic chip is the first 5-nanometer processor in a smartphone.
  • It boasts a 40% increase in performance over the A13 chip.
  • The A14’s efficiency improvements extend battery life by up to 2 hours.
  • Apple’s long-standing commitment to software updates ensures that your iPhone will receive regular performance enhancements for years to come.


With their lightning-fast performance and future-proof design, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are the premier choices for those who demand the best mobile experience today and tomorrow. Their investment in innovation not only delivers unparalleled speed but also peace of mind, knowing that your device will continue to excel as technology advances.## Geekbench v.5.0 Multicore Performance

With the introduction of the latest Geekbench v.5.0 benchmark, you’ll have an enhanced metric to assess the multicore performance of your smartphone. This benchmark provides a comprehensive analysis of your device’s capabilities, giving you a clearer understanding of how it handles demanding tasks.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, you can expect the iPhone 12 Pro to provide a solid day’s worth of usage, extending into the following morning. To provide you with more precise data, we conducted a battery test by continuously looping a video in airplane mode with half brightness settings. The iPhone 12 Pro exhibited an impressive 15 hours and 56 minutes of battery life, while the iPhone 12 lasted even longer, clocking in at 17 hours and 14 minutes.

Our team is currently engaged in further battery life evaluations for both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. As we gather more data, we will update this article with the latest findings, so be sure to check back for the most current information.

Connectivity and Accessories

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro come equipped with a USB-C to Lightning cable, enabling you to experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds. To promote environmental sustainability, Apple has discontinued the inclusion of wired earbuds and a power adapter with the purchase of these devices. However, most users are likely to have existing earbuds and a compatible wall charger, making this a non-issue for the majority.

Additional Insights

As technology continues to evolve, the iPhone 12 takes us a step closer to Apple’s vision of a portless future. This innovative design streamlines the device’s functionality while maintaining its user-friendly appeal.## iPhone 12’s Flat Sides: An Unconventional Yet Remarkable Advantage

The iPhone 12’s seamless transition from curved to flat sides marks a significant departure from Apple’s previous designs. This unconventional choice has garnered widespread attention and praise, primarily due to its ergonomic benefits.

Enhanced Grip and Comfort

The flat sides provide a more secure and comfortable grip, reducing the risk of accidental drops. This enhanced grip is particularly noticeable when using the phone with one hand, as the flat edges prevent slipping and provide a sense of control.

Precision and Style

The flat edges lend an air of precision and sophistication to the iPhone 12’s design. The sharp angles and smooth surfaces create a sleek aesthetic that complements the phone’s minimalist profile. This combination of precision and style has made the iPhone 12 a popular choice among users who value both functionality and aesthetics.

Compatibility with MagSafe Accessories

The iPhone 12’s flat sides enable compatibility with Apple’s MagSafe accessories. These accessories, which attach magnetically to the phone’s body, offer a range of practical and convenient options, including wireless charging, wallets, and car mounts. The MagSafe system eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and ensures a secure connection between the phone and its accessories.

Durability and Protection

While the flat edges may initially seem more prone to damage, they actually provide added durability. The sharp angles act as shock absorbers, reducing the impact of drops and preventing damage to the phone’s internal components. Additionally, the flat sides reduce the likelihood of screen cracking, as they provide a buffer between the screen and the ground.


The iPhone 12’s flat sides, initially perceived as unconventional, have proven to be an advantageous and innovative design choice. The enhanced grip, precision, MagSafe compatibility, and durability make the iPhone 12 a compelling option for users seeking a premium smartphone that combines functionality and style.## FAQs

1. What is the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro release date?

Answer: The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were released on October 23, 2020.

2. What are the key differences between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro?

Answer: The iPhone 12 Pro has a higher-quality camera system, a telephoto lens, a lidar sensor, a brighter display, and more storage options.

3. Is the iPhone 12 waterproof?

Answer: Yes, the iPhone 12 is rated IP68 for water and dust resistance, which means it can withstand being submerged in up to 6 meters of water for 30 minutes.

4. How long does the iPhone 12 battery last?

Answer: The battery life of the iPhone 12 varies depending on usage, but it typically lasts for about a day on a single charge.

5. What is the MagSafe charging system?

Answer: MagSafe is a new wireless charging system that uses magnets to align the charger with the iPhone, ensuring faster and more efficient charging.

6. What accessories are compatible with the iPhone 12?

Answer: The iPhone 12 is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including cases, chargers, headphones, and other peripherals.

7. How much does the iPhone 12 cost?

Answer: The iPhone 12 starts at $799 for the 64GB model, $849 for the 128GB model, and $949 for the 256GB model.

8. Is the iPhone 12 worth buying?

Answer: The iPhone 12 is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and feature-rich smartphone. It offers a great camera system, a fast processor, a long-lasting battery, and a sleek design.

9. What are the alternatives to the iPhone 12?

Answer: Some of the alternatives to the iPhone 12 include the Samsung Galaxy S21, the Google Pixel 5, and the OnePlus 8T.

10. What is the best iPhone 12 model?

Answer: The best iPhone 12 model depends on your individual needs and budget. If you want the best camera system and the most powerful processor, then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best choice. If you want a smaller and more affordable option, then the iPhone 12 Mini is a great choice.

11. What is the difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Answer: The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger display, a higher-quality camera system, a bigger battery, and more storage options than the iPhone 12.

12. What is the difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro?

Answer: The iPhone 12 Pro has a higher-quality camera system, a telephoto lens, a lidar sensor, a brighter display, and more storage options than the iPhone 12.


The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the latest flagship smartphones from Apple. They offer a number of improvements over previous iPhone models, including a new design, a faster processor, a better camera system, and a longer-lasting battery.

The iPhone 12 is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and feature-rich smartphone. It offers a great camera system, a fast processor, a long-lasting battery, and a sleek design.

The iPhone 12 Pro is a great choice for anyone who wants the best possible camera system in a smartphone. It offers a triple-lens rear camera system with a telephoto lens, a lidar sensor, and a brighter display.

If you are looking for a smaller and more affordable option, then the iPhone 12 Mini is a great choice. It offers many of the same features as the iPhone 12, but in a smaller and more compact size.

No matter which iPhone 12 model you choose, you are sure to get a great smartphone that will meet your needs. For more information, please visit Apple’s website: