Are you ready for a sneak peek into the exciting possibilities awaiting us with the anticipated iPhone 12 from The upcoming 2020 iPhone 12 could potentially surprise us by going both bigger and smaller in terms of screen sizes. Imagine a device that not only boasts a fresh and innovative design but also houses a powerful new feature under its sleek exterior. In this week’s exploration of the Apple universe in our Apple Core roundup, we delve deep into the horizon to uncover the potential developments that Apple might unveil for the iPhone 12 next year. Additionally, we’ll be discussing the intriguing new features emerging from the latest developer’s betas of iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS. Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries and possibilities that the future holds for Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike. Get ready to be intrigued and inspired by what has in store for us in the upcoming iPhone 12 release.The anticipation is building for iPhone enthusiasts as 2020 promises significant updates to both the external design and internal features of Apple’s flagship device. Renowned Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo recently hinted at changes in screen sizes for the upcoming 2020 iPhone models. The iPhone XS successor is expected to shrink to 5.4 inches, while the XS Max’s display may expand to 6.7 inches, maintaining the 6.1-inch option as a middle ground, likely succeeding the iPhone XR.

While the 2019 iPhone models mainly focused on camera advancements without major design shifts, 2020 is rumored to bring a complete redesign. Furthermore, speculations suggest a shift to an all OLED lineup next year, potentially featuring a smaller notch, flat edges akin to the 2018 iPad Pro, and new cover materials.

A significant development expected in 2020 is Apple’s transition to 5G technology following the resolution of its legal disputes with Qualcomm. However, reports indicate that 5G connectivity might be exclusive to higher-end iPhone models initially, with the more affordable XR successor possibly waiting for Qualcomm’s 5G chip integration.

Exciting possibilities lie ahead for the 2020 iPhone lineup, with potential design overhauls, technological advancements, and improved user experiences on the horizon. Stay tuned for more updates as the highly-anticipated release approaches.

iOS 13 Developer’s Beta 2 Unveils Exciting Enhancements

As Apple progresses through its developer betas for iOS 13, exciting new details are emerging about the forthcoming software updates including iPadOS, WatchOS 6, and MacOS Catalina. With the second developer’s beta recently launched, significant features are surfacing.

In the latest developer’s beta for iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple has addressed previous concerns regarding the fate of 3D Touch. Initially, there were speculations that 3D Touch could be replaced by Haptic Touch, following the replacement seen in the iPhone XR. However, the latest beta has reinstated 3D Touch in its entirety, introducing enhancements such as a briefer haptic effect and a subtle clicking sound upon activation, as reported by Apple Insider.

An interesting shift in the second developer beta of iOS 13 is the availability of updates via over-the-air installation, directly on the device, simplifying the process for registered developers. Unlike the previous version, which required a direct IPSW file download and a complete iTunes restore, this new method streamlines the update procedure, as highlighted by 9to5Mac.

Despite these developments, key features in iOS 13 continue to captivate users across the betas. The introduction of dark mode, enhanced video editing capabilities, updated maps and reminders, and improved privacy settings are among the standout features awaiting users.

Apple is rumored to bring significant changes to the screen sizes, design, and features of the 2020 iPhones. Speculations suggest that Apple might introduce new design elements and a powerful upgrade for the upcoming iPhone models. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the potential enhancements that Apple could introduce in the iPhone lineup for 2020.


  1. What design changes can we expect in the 2020 iPhones?
    Apple is anticipated to revamp both the exterior and interior aspects of the flagship device, possibly introducing a fresh design language.

  2. Will there be alterations in the screen sizes of the 2020 iPhones?
    Reports indicate that Apple may vary the screen sizes, with the 2020 versions potentially featuring changes in dimensions compared to their predecessors.

  3. Is Apple transitioning to an all-OLED lineup in 2020?
    Rumors suggest that Apple might shift towards an all-OLED display lineup for the 2020 iPhones, including design modifications like a smaller notch and flat edges.

  4. Is 5G connectivity expected in the 2020 iPhone models?
    2020 could mark Apple’s transition to 5G technology, primarily in the higher-end iPhone variants, following the resolution of legal disputes with Qualcomm.

  5. What camera enhancements are rumored for the upcoming iPhones?
    Speculations hint at significant camera improvements in the 2020 iPhone models, potentially incorporating advanced photography features.

  6. Will there be any changes in the materials used for the iPhone bodies?
    Apple may introduce new cover materials for the 2020 iPhone lineup, possibly offering users a refreshed tactile experience.

  7. Which iPhone models are expected to receive 5G connectivity in 2020?
    Reports suggest that the higher-end iPhone models might be the first to incorporate 5G technology, with the possibility of a phased integration across different models.

  8. Are there any details on the software updates for Apple devices in 2020?
    Insights into iOS 13, iPadOS, WatchOS 6, and MacOS Catalina reveal exciting features and improvements in the pipeline for Apple users.

  9. What changes are anticipated in the camera department for the upcoming iPhones?
    Apple is rumored to introduce a triple-camera setup in the 2020 iPhones, potentially enhancing the device’s photography capabilities.

  10. How is Apple planning to enhance the user experience with the Apple Watch in WatchOS 6?
    Apple aims to make the Apple Watch more independent by introducing its own App Store in WatchOS 6, providing users with a seamless experience.

  11. Will users be able to remove pre-installed apps on the Apple Watch in the upcoming updates?
    With software updates on the horizon, users may have the flexibility to remove certain native apps from the Apple Watch, offering a more customized experience.

  12. What are the potential benefits of the new software changes coming to Apple devices?
    The upcoming software updates could bring significant improvements in user experience, performance, and functionality across Apple’s ecosystem of devices.


The upcoming 2020 iPhones are poised to undergo substantial changes, including alterations in screen sizes, design elements, and technological advancements such as 5G connectivity. With rumors suggesting a shift to an all-OLED lineup and potential camera upgrades, Apple enthusiasts have much to anticipate. Additionally, software updates like iOS 13, iPadOS, WatchOS 6, and MacOS Catalina promise enhanced features and a seamless user experience. As Apple continues to innovate and evolve its product offerings, users can look forward to a future filled with exciting possibilities and enhanced functionality. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the next generation of Apple devices.