In a recent reveal about the much-anticipated iPhone 12, a leak regarding iOS 14 showcases a potential new look for multitasking. This leak has sparked excitement among iPhone enthusiasts as it hints at a significant shift in how users could interact with their devices. The leak comes alongside intriguing insights from Target’s inventory system, which may offer valuable clues about what Apple has in store for its upcoming product lineup. As the anticipation builds for Apple’s moves in 2020, these revelations have stirred up a buzz within the tech community.

Stay tuned to for more updates on the latest developments from Apple and how they could shape the future of iPhone functionality. Whether you’re a tech aficionado or simply curious about the latest trends in smartphone technology, the potential changes hinted at in iOS 14 are sure to pique your interest. Join us as we delve deeper into what these leaks could mean for the iPhone experience and what exciting features might be on the horizon.

iPhone Multitasking in iOS 14

Apple is gearing up for its next significant iOS update, and a recent sneak peek offers a glimpse into a potential multitasking feature that could debut on the upcoming iPhone 12 and select older models with iOS 14. Renowned Apple insider Ben Geskin shared a video showcasing an iPhone 11 displaying a grid view of app windows reminiscent of the current multitasking setup on iPadOS.

The showcased functionality involves swiping the app downwards, which results in the screen dimming and showcasing a lock icon above it. As you continue to swipe down, the lock toggles between locked and unlocked states. While the exact purpose of this action remains uncertain, it appears to hint at a potential app pinning capability within the multitasking interface.

Feedback on Twitter speculated that this feature resembles a jailbreak tweak available in the current iOS 13. However, Geskin affirms that this preview provides an early glimpse into iOS 14’s capabilities. Additionally, he shared an image of the multitasking switcher settings within the system preferences, revealing various layout options such as Deck Switcher, Grid Switcher, Automatic, and Minimum Viable Switcher, features absent in the jailbreak iteration.

Irrespective of the authenticity of this demonstration, the prospect of a multitasking function on iPhones holds promise, especially with the ongoing trend of larger, more iPad-like screens on iPhones. Rumors suggest that the largest variant of the iPhone 12 may sport a 6.7-inch display.

Based on Apple’s historical release patterns, it is likely that iOS 14 will be unveiled at WWDC, the annual developer conference held in June, with a subsequent release in September alongside the iPhone 12.

Insights on Potential New Apple Products

As anticipation builds for Apple’s speculated launch event on March 31, intriguing hints about upcoming products have emerged, originating from an unexpected source – Target.

Recent leaks, circulating through various rumor sites and even highlighted by YouTuber Jon Prosser, showcase images of unreleased Apple products within Target’s inventory system. These glimpses, reportedly shared by Target employees, reveal a range of products labeled as “X Generation.”

Among the notable findings is the appearance of a listing for “Apple AirPods (X Generation)” priced at $399. This has led to speculation that these could potentially be Apple’s rumored high-end over-ear headphones, possibly named “StudioPods.”

Noteworthy mentions in the “Gen X” inventory include a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, an upcoming Apple TV priced at $179, new Apple Watch bands listed at $49, and a mysterious iPod Touch Gen X also priced at $399.

Questions arise regarding the identity of this enigmatic iPod, with speculations suggesting it could be linked to the anticipated iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2) set to debut in March, aligning with the $399 price range.

While Target employees have indicated a history of such listings preceding official launches, there remains ambiguity around these revelations. Sites like 9to5Mac propose that these entries could either reflect genuine upcoming Apple releases or be Target’s interpretation of the ongoing rumors.

Apple’s purported major launch event, anticipated for May 31, maintains an air of mystery as the company remains silent on any official announcements.

Update, April 22: Read our latest review on the newest iPhone model. The world of Apple is abuzz with exciting possibilities as iOS 14 hints at a future of enhanced multitasking capabilities for the iPhone. Recent leaks suggest intriguing developments in Apple’s product lineup, with Target’s inventory system offering tantalizing clues. Let’s delve into the latest Apple news and what it may mean for tech enthusiasts.


  1. What new features can we expect from iOS 14?

    • iOS 14 is rumored to bring multitasking features to the iPhone, potentially revolutionizing how users navigate their devices.
  2. Who is Ben Geskin, and what insights has he provided on iOS 14?

    • Ben Geskin, a prominent Apple leaker, shared a video showcasing a grid view of app windows on an iPhone 11, hinting at the future of iPhone functionality.
  3. When can we anticipate the release of iOS 14?

    • While specific dates are not confirmed, Apple typically unveils new iOS versions at WWDC in June, with a public release alongside new iPhones in September.
  4. What implications does the rumored multitasking feature have for iPhone users?

    • The potential multitasking feature aligns with the trend of larger iPhone screens, offering users a more efficient and intuitive way to interact with their devices.
  5. What do the different layout options in the iOS 14 Settings suggest?

    • The varied layout options, including Deck Switcher and Grid Switcher, hint at a customizable multitasking experience for users.
  6. How reliable are the leaks surrounding Apple’s upcoming products?

    • While leaks provide exciting insights, it’s essential to approach them with cautious optimism until official announcements are made.
  7. What role does Target play in revealing Apple’s new products?

    • Target’s inventory listings have sparked speculation about upcoming Apple products, adding to the anticipation surrounding Apple’s future releases.
  8. Which products have been hinted at in Target’s inventory system?

    • Target’s listings suggest a range of potential new releases, from high-end AirPods to updated iPads and Apple Watch accessories.
  9. What pricing details have emerged for the rumored Apple products?

    • Pricing information, such as the $400 tag on AirPods X Generation, offers clues about the positioning of Apple’s new products in the market.
  10. What insights can we gain from discrepancies in Target’s listings compared to Apple’s branding?

    • Variances in styling, like lowercase letters in product names, suggest that these listings may be speculative or placeholders.
  11. When is Apple’s next major launch event expected to take place?

    • While a specific date has yet to be confirmed, rumors point to a potential launch event in the near future.
  12. What can we expect from Apple’s product lineup in the coming months?

    • As anticipation builds, tech enthusiasts eagerly await official announcements from Apple regarding their latest innovations.


The tech world is abuzz with speculations about Apple’s future, from the multitasking capabilities of iOS 14 to potential new product releases. These developments hint at a future of enhanced usability and innovative technology for Apple aficionados. As we await official confirmations and announcements from Apple, the excitement surrounding the company’s upcoming endeavors continues to grow. Stay tuned for the latest updates and get ready to experience the next wave of Apple innovation firsthand. Visit our website for more tech insights and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of technology.