In the world of capturing moments, “AnyTimeSoftcare” embraces the evolution of Live Photos with the unveiling of iOS 11. Originally introduced as an exciting feature by Apple, Live Photos breathed life into still images by transforming them into brief videos that encapsulate sound and motion. With the latest iOS 11 update, Apple has amplified the capabilities of Live Photos, ushering in a new wave of creativity and expression. These enhancements promise to redefine the way we immortalize our memories, offering users a more dynamic and engaging platform to relive their favorite moments. Let’s delve into the realm of Live Photos and explore the exciting possibilities that iOS 11 brings to this innovative feature.

Changing the Default Photo on iOS

When using Live Photos on iOS, the default photo shown is the one captured when you press the shutter button. While this often results in the desired photo, there are times when you may have missed the perfect moment by a fraction of a second.

Fortunately, starting from iOS 11, Apple introduced a simple way to change the Key Photo with just a few taps, allowing you to select the ideal shot for your Live Photo.

To change the Key Photo:

1. Open the Photos app on your iOS device.
2. Locate the Live Photo you want to edit and select Edit.
3. Drag the rectangular box along the filmstrip preview at the bottom of the screen to select your desired frame.
4. Once you are satisfied with the frame, tap on Make Key Photo.

With these simple steps, you can easily customize your Live Photos on iOS to ensure that the key moment is perfectly captured and showcased. Embrace the flexibility and creativity that iOS offers for your memorable moments.

Trim Your Live Photos with Ease

When capturing a Live Photo on your iOS device, it records a short video segment followed by a photo and another brief video segment. At times, you may prefer certain parts of the Live Photo to be excluded. Fortunately, with iOS 11, the option to trim Live Photos is readily available.

To tailor your Live Photo, simply select Edit while viewing the image. Utilize the intuitive video editing tools located at the bottom of the screen to make precise adjustments. If you’re new to the process, place your finger on either arrow at the clip’s end and drag it towards the center to refine the selection.


If you’re looking to add a touch of creativity to your Live Photos, Apple has introduced some new effects worth exploring. One of these effects is Loop, which brings a unique charm to your pictures.

As the name suggests, Loop allows your Live Photo to continuously play, creating the illusion of a seamless, never-ending moment captured in time.

To apply the Loop effect, simply swipe up on your screen while viewing a Live Photo, and choose the Loop option. You can follow the same easy process to experiment with other effects like Bounce and Long exposure, which are detailed below.


The Bounce feature in Live Photos is an exciting option that adds a dynamic element to your pictures. This effect automatically selects the optimal starting and ending points within the Live Photo content. As a result, the photo plays in a forward-backward sequence, creating a visually engaging “bounce” effect.

Here’s how the Bounce effect can enhance your Live Photos:

  • Dynamic Motion: By playing the Live Photo in both forward and reverse, the Bounce effect adds a sense of movement and liveliness to your static images.
  • Engaging Visuals: The back-and-forth play of the Live Photo captures attention and creates a captivating viewing experience for the viewer.
  • Creative Possibilities: This feature opens up new creative avenues for expressing your photographic ideas, allowing you to explore different perspectives and styles.

To activate the Bounce effect and breathe new life into your Live Photos, simply select the option when editing your Live Photo. Try it out and discover how this feature can transform your static images into dynamic visual stories.When Apple initially introduced its Live Photos feature, it brought a new dimension to capturing moments on iOS devices. Live Photos transform ordinary pictures into short videos, adding a touch of sound and motion for a more engaging experience.


  1. What is the Live Photos feature on iOS?
    Live Photos on iOS capture a brief video clip alongside a photo, creating a dynamic visual that includes sound and motion.

  2. How can I change the default photo for a Live Photo in iOS 11?
    In iOS 11, you can change the Key Photo of a Live Photo by selecting “Edit” in the Photos app, dragging the box to choose a new key frame, and tapping “Make Key Photo.”

  3. Can I trim down a Live Photo on iOS 11?
    Yes, with iOS 11, you can trim unwanted portions of a Live Photo by using the video trim tools in the Photos app.

  4. What is the Loop effect in Live Photos on iOS?
    The Loop effect in Live Photos on iOS plays the video clip repeatedly, giving the illusion of continuous motion.

  5. How do I apply the Bounce effect to a Live Photo on iOS?
    To apply the Bounce effect, swipe up on the screen while viewing a Live Photo, and select the effect for a playful forward and reverse motion.

  6. What is the Long Exposure effect in Live Photos on iOS 11?
    The Long Exposure effect in Live Photos on iOS 11 captures motion over a period, ideal for creating stunning visuals of flowing water or lights.


Apple’s Live Photos feature on iOS devices has evolved significantly with iOS 11, offering users more control and creative options. You can now customize the Key Photo, trim down unnecessary parts, and apply effects like Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure to enhance your Live Photos. These features empower users to create captivating visual stories directly from their Photos app.

For a more immersive and personalized photo experience on iOS, explore the possibilities that Live Photos offer and unleash your creativity. Start transforming your static images into dynamic moments with these dynamic tools and elevate your storytelling with every shot.